Guidelines for Perfect Customer Service in an Online Environment

Perfect customer service is one of the fundamentals of a good business. We are all well aware that things can’t always function without a hitch and that, in some cases, there needs to be a mechanism that can help a customer get 100% out of the product or service they have previously purchased. In other cases, they might need a bit of reassurance in order to help them make a decision and finally make a purchase.

The online environment can be a bit difficult to manage since it doesn’t have the immediate customer service you get when you enter an office or a shop. You are just thrown into the Websites UI and you are on your own. This is why Web customer support is probably much more complex to handle, but not impossible.

UI (User Interface) as a part of customer support

This is where you start from when creating an eCommerce entrepreneurship that is user-oriented. You need to make sure that the design is intuitive and easy to understand. If you need customer support to get to the customer support section of your website, you are in for a lot of trouble. A quality design of your website needs info about your target audience’s backgrounds, age groups, etc. It needs to be backed up by analytics in order to achieve optimal results. There are many factors that need to be optimized in order to achieve the best results and the term “ideal” changes depending on the users’ profiles.


Email support is the basic form of customer support and it can resolve smaller support needs. They are budget-friendly and almost anyone can learn to find their way within an email interface. It is also a good way to develop an email database and further build up the precision of your analytics. This also benefits you in the marketing sense and gives your email marketing a greater reach

On the other hand, it can be quickly, drowned by the number of emails you need to handle and it increases the time that is needed to respond to requests. In some situations, there needs to be a quick reaction in order to ensure customer satisfaction.


This is perfect for online shops because they often have a need for immediate assistance. There might be some product details that are not listed, some information that is unclear or some other small question which, if immediately handled, usually turns into a converted customer.

The chat isn’t a place where you can explain complex things easily and quickly. There can also be a lot of misunderstanding through text messaging and this can increase the response-to-resolution time even further. Efficiency and customer satisfaction need to go together in situations where you are servicing a large number of customers each day. There are some things you can resolve only through voice communication.

Support Call Center

A lot of you might protest that you should use Skype or something like that but these kind of programs are messy, buggy and not everyone uses them and knows how to. This is why having a phone connection with your customers resolves a part of that complexity. For small businesses, it might seem like a costly solution to invest into call centre infrastructure for an in-house setup. If this is the case, then you might want to find out more about VoIP and Virtual PBX.

A phone number on which you can reach an official representative of a company boosts its legitimacy and builds brand trust. This is especially important in the online environment because your users have no direct contact with the people who work for the company. A call centre support service solidifies your legitimacy and alleviates the users’ fear about frauds and ghost companies.

Communication is the key

There is always a way to smooth things out but, there needs to be proper communication between the two sides at all times. You need to make sure that things don’t go unnoticed since unsatisfied web users are going to scream their virtual lungs out with a desire to destroy your reputation. With a bad online reputation, your conversion rate will go down significantly and this means less money for everyone.

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