How Do I Pause A Google Ads Campaign?

  You have Google Ads campaigns currently running and you want to know how to hit the pause button. There is any number of reasons why you might reach a point where you want to pause a Google Ads campaign.   This discussion will explore why and when to pause a Google Ads campaign and how to do it. 

What Does Pausing A Google Ads Campaign Actually Mean?

By pausing a Google Ads campaign, you are stopping the ads from running, which means they’ll stop generating clicks, spending your ad budget, contributing to Quality Scores, and producing any data.   You haven’t deleted the campaign, you’ve just set it aside for now. You can always start it up again when the time is right.  This is different from removing a campaign. When you delete a campaign, you lose the ad copy, ad groups, and other structures. You would have to recreate the campaign from scratch if you wanted to use it in the future. Thus, it is often better to pause a campaign you don’t need at the moment, rather than remove it entirely. 

When Is It A Good Idea To Pause A Google Ads Campaign?

There are many cases where pausing a Google Ads campaign is a smart, advantageous move for your PPC marketing. Here are some of the top reasons why marketers pause their campaigns. 


This is perhaps the most common reason to pause a Google Ads campaign. If you run seasonal campaigns or sell products that are only popular at certain times of the year, then it doesn’t make much sense to continue advertising out of season.  For instance, a clothing store doesn’t do good business selling winter clothes in July. It is smarter for this company to pause their winter clothing ad campaigns when the warm weather hits. Then, they can hit a resume when the fall and winter come around again. All of the ads and creatives for the winter coats are still there and ready to start generating traffic again! 

Quality Scores

A paused campaign will not contribute to Quality Score ratings. Google uses Quality Scores to measure your ad rank, CPC amounts, and other crucial components.   Two of the elements that Google uses to assess Quality Scores are expected clickthrough rates and past ad performance. This means that Google looks at your overall PPC performance as a factor in deciding the Q-Score of an individual keyword.  Essentially, if you have underperforming campaigns, ad groups, or ads, it could be negatively impacting your Quality Scores in other areas of your Google Ads account. In some cases, your best move is to pause an underperforming campaign until you can figure out what is causing it to perform so poorly and bring down your Quality Scores. 


In a perfect world, your business would keep growing and growing and never face a downturn. Unfortunately, every business experiences peaks and valleys. Sometimes, those valleys are deep enough that you need to reassess your budget and how you are spending your money.  The big question is how to pause google ad  When times are tight, ad spend is one of the first things that businesses scale back. It is common, even normal, to pause your campaigns because of problems with budget restraints.  Alternatively, you may pause a campaign because you want to allocate your marketing budget towards other areas of your Google Ads account that are performing exceedingly well. 

Taking A Break

Maybe you are going on holiday or your business is closing for the season. In either case, you no longer need your ad campaigns running. You need a break! In this case, it is better to pause your campaigns so you can quickly get your business and ads up and running again when you come back.   You may also decide to take a break from e-commerce sales because the physical, brick-and-mortar side of the business is taking off and demanding too much of your time and attention. You want to scale back your e-commerce website traffic to focus on your booming in-person traffic! 

How To Pause A Google Ads Campaign

How do I pause a Google Ads Campaign? Easy — just follow these simple steps. ● Sign in to your Google Ads account and enter the initial menu screen. ● From the page menu on the left side of the screen, click on “Campaigns.” ● You’ll see each campaign on your account, along with a colored dot next to each one that indicates the status. ● To change a campaign’s status from active to paused, you must click this colored dot. ● When you click the status icon of a campaign, a menu will appear that will allow you to place the campaign on pause.  If you want to pause multiple campaigns at once, you can follow a similar process. Instead of checking the status of each campaign, select the checkbox next to each one. Then, click on “Edit.” You can then choose to pause, enable or remove the selected campaigns. 

An Alternative Method To Pausing Campaigns

Instead of pausing campaigns at the end of their run, you can also tell Google Ads to set an end date for your campaigns. The default option is for your ad campaigns to run indefinitely, but this isn’t helpful when you are creating short-term or seasonal ad campaigns. When the end date is reached, the ad will stop running as if it was paused.  You can also change the end date at any time, even after the date has already been reached! This is a great way to preemptively pause your campaigns at a specific date.   To create an end date for existing campaigns, follow these steps: ● Enter your Google Ads account. ● From the left-hand menu, select “Campaigns” and choose which campaign you wish to set and end date. ● Then, select Settings from the left-hand side. ● If you don’t see the “Start and end dates” section, you may have to click “Additional Settings.” ● Click to expand the “End Date” drop-down menu and add an end date. ● Save your campaign.  It is worth mentioning that your campaign will end on the date you picked at 11:59 PM in the time zone that you have selected.  

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In most cases, pausing a campaign is a much better approach than removing it entirely. Pausing your ads can sometimes be a necessary step. At times, it may even be strategic to temporarily stop a PPC campaign.   It’s a quick and risk-free process. When the time comes, you can always enable the campaign again in just a few seconds!  

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