What Type of Custom Cone Sleeves can you use for your Ice Cream Cones?

 Adding creativity and innovation to your product packaging will instantly upgrade your sales and business revenues. Ice cream cones are among the few most loved deserts due to their numerous flavor ranges and extremely delicious taste.  

The high customer demand for the product has led to fierce competition in the market. Many brands are offering ice cream cones in different flavors, and if you are also one of them, one thing that can make you stand out is custom printed cone sleeve.  Custom packaging helps you experiment with your packaging and make it according to your customers' requirements. It will help you to advocate your brand in the best way possible. 

Custom waffle cone sleeve having your brand's name on it will create an identity for your products and brand in the market among potential consumers.   

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Moreover, having good quality cone sleeves will further enhance the experience providing them extra ease as it keeps their ice cream cone from dripping.  

Types Of Cone Sleeves

Cone sleeves present an ideal way to make the ice cream eating process easy and enjoyable. However, these ice cream cone paper sleeves come in a variety of materials. You can choose any material that suits your product and fulfills the demands of your customers.  

Paper Cone Sleeve

These cone sleeves are typically made of kraft paper or magazine paper. You can customize these cone sleeves in any way you want. For instance, you can add your logo on the sleeves or die-cut those in different shapes to enhance the look further. 

You can also go for glossy or matte coatings to add a professional touch to your cone sleeves. These waffle cone paper sleeves are very easy to create and do not cost much.   

However, the best part about these cone sleeves is the fact that you can customize these cone sleeves easily according to the serving size of your ice cream cones. 

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Plastic Cone Sleeves

Another famous material for cone sleeves includes the plastic cone sleeves. These may be more durable than ice cream cone covers, but these cones sleeves end up creating more plastic waste.   

Therefore, if you want to be sustainable in your production choices, then kraft paper cone sleeve, which is shipped in cardboard boxes, should be your choice. These cardboard boxes also help to store ice creams in refrigerators for a long period of time.  

Aluminum Cone Sleeves

Another famous material that is used for custom ice cream cone sleeve includes aluminum sheets. These cone sleeves have maximum durability than any other material.   

Moreover, the aluminum custom cone sleeves are also eco-friendly than those plastic ice cream cone sleeves.  

Cardboard Cone Sleeve

If you want to give firm protection to the waffle cones, then for this purpose, cardstock and thin cardboard sleeves work the best. These are also 100% recyclable and do not add to the waste burden. You can also use cardboard boxes as these are the best shipping boxes.  

Moreover, you can design these cardboard sleeves by getting help from professional companies providing wholesale cone sleeves printing. You can make these plain cardboard sleeves attractive by adding pop-up colors and eye-catching prints.   

Moreover, you can also use gold or silver foiling on these cardboard sleeves to further enhance the presentation of the sleeves.   Cardboard offers one of the best surfaces to print different inks and patterns on it. This means you can print anything on these sleeves to get the attention of the consumers. 

Furthermore, you can make special cones according to the theme of any event. Ice creams are famous as sweet dishes at kid's birthday parties.   

Therefore, you can use custom packing to make these ice cream cones ideal for birthdays. You can print graphic images of any cartoon character on the sleeves to make them more appropriate for the kids.   Moreover, you can also cut them in different shapes and sizes according to the ice cream cones dimensions.  


In conclusion, if you want to enhance the sales and make your ice cream cones the best seller in the market, you have to pay special attention to your product packaging in the USA. 

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