Oakville Popcorn Removal

We love this great city of Oakville, Ontario.

There are many great businesses and organizations in the area that it's hard to find favourites in any category or industry.

Besides the Wholefoods on Trafalgar Rd. I don't know if there's anywhere to call home - Since every place in Oakville is essentially home. 

Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Oakville

Stucco ceilings are the worst. Many homes built after world war 2 have stucco ceilings - Also now commonly called popcorn ceiling...

Sure it was an easy way to finish a house and add some flare back in the day, but 50-70 years later, that stucco's getting a little outdated.

Smooth Ceiling Ltd. near Oakville is a professional popcorn removal company that has made a name for itself taking care of this nasty ceiling finish style.

If you find your Oakville home is in dire need of ceiling repairs, or even just bringing that feeling of fresh, clean, bright, and open spaces -> Removing the popcorn ceilings might just be the help you need.

Smooth Ceiling Ltd.

(416) 834-5777

Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Oakville

Smoother, brighter rooms in Oakville start with Smooth Ceiling Ltd.

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