Everything you need to know about the new Regional visa Australia

Immigration Department has announced new changes made in the regional visa going to be introduced in 2019. The 2 categories include a new permanent regional visa and a new skilled regional provisional visa.

Source: Education Embassy Brisbane

Skilled Work Regional visa (Provisional) (subclass 491) Replaced with First provisional stream- Skilled Regional Provisional visa (subclass 489) (Applicants who are nominated by the Territory or State government or they got sponsorship by an eligible family member to work as well as live in a regional part of Australia.)

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa (Provisional) (subclass 494) Replaced with (subclass 187) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa: Direct Entry stream.

Skilled Work Regional subclass 491 visa (Provisional)

Main features of this visa:

  • To be eligible for permanent residency the working and living in Australia regional part is going to be 3 years instead of 2 years.
  • All the areas of Australia are included excluding metropolitan areas like Perth, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney Wollongong, NSW Central Coast, and Newcastle.
  • The number of eligible occupations is now more than 500.
  • All applications are processed on a priority basis.
  • Age Limit is 45 years.
  • 5 Years is the validity of this visa.
  • The applicant can move to one part of the regional area to another.
  • With this subclass, the pathway to PR will start on 16th November 2022.
  • Fee for visa application: $4,045
  • Partner Fee: $2,025

Additional points

  • State Nomination or Family membership: 10 to 15 points
  • Partner’s skill: 5 to 10 points
  • Partner’ English skills: 5 to 10 points
  • STEM Occupation: 5 to 10 points
  • Applicants who do not have a de facto partner or spouse: 10 points

For a better understanding of the Regional Visa, it is best that you take the help of the Migration Agents in Brisbane as they have all the updated information. This way you get a better understanding of what should be done so that the visa processing goes smoothly.Difference between 491 Visa and 489 Visa

  • The wait for PR is now 3 years which was earlier than 2 years.
  • Now there are more regional areas as compared to earlier. (The areas in this subclass are mentioned above.)
  • Additional points are given to the applicant who is single or unmarried. With competent English, more points can be gained for a skilled partner and eligible relative sponsor.

Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional visa (Provisional) (subclass 494)Who will get benefit from this visa?

  • The skilled applicant who wants to live and work in the regional area of Australia for around 5 years. Along with that it also allows a pathway for permanent residency. To get sponsored there should be an employer in the regional part of Australia.
  • Visa holders of this subclass must work and live in the regional area of Australia for the visa duration.
  • To be eligible for permanent residency the applicant has to work and live in the regional area of Australia for around 3 years before applying.

Source: Education Embassy Brisbane

Requirements for ApplicationVisa applicant requirements

  • At the time of application, the applicant should be 45 years.
  • Before the application, in the nominated occupation the applicant should have full-time experience for 3 years or in any related field.
  • Competent English is needed with at least 6.0 band in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Fulfilling the character and health requirements.
  • Skills assessment should be of positive skills.

Employer nomination requirements

  • The employer should be willing the sponsor the applicant for the occupation which is mentioned on the occupation list (need to be confirmed).
  • The position should be in regional Australia and for 5 years.
  • Minimum annual salary should be paid: $53,900 (it is referred to as Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold)
  • For each nominated employee the ‘Skilling Australia Fund levy’ should be paid: $3000 (business which has turnover less than $10 million). If more than that it should be $5000.
  • Must have certification of the Regional Certifying Body.
  • Conditions and salary should be equal to the Australian permanent resident or citizen which they are getting for the same position.

At any point, if you have any doubts or want to know more then seek the help of the migration agents right away

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