Are the transplanted hair grafts going to match my natural hair color?

 Finally, you are planning to undergo the treatment of hair transplant to deal with hair loss and baldness issues. No doubt, it will be quite a relief that you find the best treatment plan for the hair loss issue. Many questions come into the patient's mind regarding the treatment. One such question which people often want to know is that will the transplanted hair will match the natural hair color. In this article, we are going to tell you about this in detail.

Source: ASG Hair Transplant Centre Punjab

Knowing how well the hair transplant treatment works:

Well, the results of hair transplantation depend on different factors like age, health condition, male or female pattern baldness. It might be possible that on the donor site there is grey hair which might make the transplanted hair grey. But this condition is very rare and not every person will be experiencing the same thing. When you choose the best surgeon for the hair transplantation the results will be best and the procedure is also performed safely. So, it means there will be no issue of grey hair.

Will the color match the natural hair color?

Patients who are experiencing grey hair issues in the donor site might get transplanted hair look mismatched. During the hair transplant surgery, the hair grafts are taken from the back of the scalp and then transplanted where hair growth is very less.The good news is that transplanted hair in the problematic or recipient area is placed in a very random manner. Even though there are 2 different shades then still they will be evenly distributed and this is why they won’t be noticed easily.

Predicting whether the transplanted hair will match perfectly for every patient is tough, especially for those who are not having grey hair at the time of surgery. With time and age the hair changes, so predicting it in advance is quite tough when the hair transplant is performed quite early. Make sure that you consult with the surgeon about the entire procedure of Hair Transplant in Punjab. Clearing all your doubts will help you prepare in the best way possible and get the desired results on time.

Is it possible to dye the transplanted hair?

  • Patients who want to have a more uniform distribution of color at the transplanted site might be wondering can they dye their hair. This answer depends on patient to patient.
  • One of the important factors is how fast the patient is recovering from the surgery. It is essential that incisions and recipient site has healed completely before the patient get their hair dyed.
  • The hair dye contains chemicals so it might be possible that they can damage the transplanted grafts. So, do not use any hair care products until the scalp is fully healed.
  • Additionally, the patient should wait for 6 weeks as the hair in the initial shock stage. You should give them time to ensure that the grafts are placed into the scalp firmly and the hair should be getting proper blood flow.

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