How to Install and Set Up HP Pro 8710 Printer in Home

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In this article we will show you how to install your HP Pro 8710 printer easily. Setting up an HP printer is an easy task to perform, you can set up HP OFFICE-JET, HP ENVY, HP LASER-JET etc. with the help of this article.
 As an example, we are going to set up an HP JET PRO 8710 printer to show you how to install modern printers.

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Let’s begin HP printer setup. We will guide you with step by step information. Follow the steps below :

  • First of all, carefully unbox your printer. With the printer, you will get two different installation discs for Windows and the MAC, but if you don't have an installation disc, you can also download the latest software for your printer from the official HP website.
  • Use the power wire to connect the printer from any electricity source and turn on your printer.
  • The ‘Setup Wizard’ asks you to choose your Language, Country, and Region, select wisely and confirm YES.
  • After that, set the date and time press continue and press continue again in the next step as well.
  • In the next step, it may give you two options on how you want to set up your printer, like, Self manage, or IT manage.
  • If you want to install your printer at home or for small business, select self manage, but if you want to install printer connections to a group of client computers, select IT manage HP printer support.
  • Somehow, you are unable to configure your HP printer or struggle to understand any step, then get in touch with our HP printer support anytime. We are always here to provide you with the best assistance.
  • Now, install an ink cartridge in the printer. There are two models of the cartridge, they are, Standard cartridge and Instant ink cartridge. An instant ink cartridge is bigger and lasts longer than the Standard cartridge.
  • Now, open the ink cartridge access door carefully and insert the cartridge that came with the printer. Once done, close the access door.
  • After you install the cartridge, the HP 8710 printer will ask you for the paper to check the printing process. So, clean the printer tray and load the paper properly, adjust it and slide the tray inside and close it.
  • Press OK and CONTINUE to start the initialization process. Now the printer will check the paper and print you a test page.
  • Now your printer will ask you to visit to download it, and set up the printer driver.

Installing HP PRO 8710 Printer with Computer (Via USB)
 Follow the below-mentioned steps to get the printer installation done. If you can connect your printer with your computer with the USB cable, connect it, if not leave it.

  • Open any browser and search in the URL and press enter, you land on a ‘downloads’ page where you find all the HP printer-related software. Download it, extract the application, and then run the software.
  • Now your HP printer will help you to easily connect with the wireless utility and also let you register your product.
  • Agree to terms and conditions and hit on the ‘CONTINUE’ button. Enable HP auto wireless to connect and click continue again.
  • Now, the software connects and configures your printer using the same network as your computer is connected to.
  • Click the ‘CONTINUE’ button. Your HP utility will download the latest driver, install the latest driver.
  • Pro 8710 easy start feature will make the installation easy and you can connect or setup scanner, fax machine etc.
  • Now, register your product and click on finish installation.

Manual Setup of HP 8710 Printer (Via Wireless Network)

  • Use the touch screen of the printer to go to the setting.
  • Settings > WLAN Setup > available network.
  • Find your network to confirm your wireless router. Enter the default printer login credentials. now your printer is connected to the wireless network.
  • Now add your HP 8710 printer to the computer and start printing your work.

If you still have any other doubts or queries with Hp printer installation, please let us know by commenting below. We are here to help.

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