The Growing Trend of Outdoor Kitchens in San Diego

Outdoor Kitchen

Many people love to have an outdoor kitchen where they can enjoy barbecuing and entertaining their guests. Cool evenings are the perfect time when family and friends can get together and enjoy cool drinks with a barbecue in the backyard or garden. Here, we bring you some of the most happening outdoor kitchens in San Diego ideas that are sure to help you design an outstanding space for you to cook and have loads of fun.

Modern Aesthetic Design

The first design idea that works pretty well with outdoor kitchen space is rich colored woods or concrete that helps in creating a modern, chic, and aesthetically pleasing space. Conversely, traditional kitchens usually have light-pale colored or white-washed wood. If you are looking for a modern vibe, go with minimal features and furniture. It also makes it easier to clean and maintain space.

Country or Classic

The next step is to choose from among classic and country appeal. Exposed stone, blue accents, and white wood create a phenomenal classic, rustic appeal. If you are creating this kitchen in your garden, the surrounding plants and flowers up the arbors can add a subtle, traditional appeal. Place large rustic dining tables, pale-wood benches, and white-washed cabinets to complete the look.


There is no dearth of grilling options available these days. Depending on your choice and requirement, select any of the below-mentioned grills.

  • Open Grills -It is very easy and simple to set up a grill option. It has a stone or metal box with gas, charcoal, or wood as a heating element. On top of the box, there is a metal grate. This grill option is ideally suited for direct grilling on high heat. Use it to cook thin steaks with chops, kebabs, and fish.

  • Covered Grills -When a cover is placed over the open grill, it adds indirect grilling features to the outdoor grill. It is the perfect option when planning to cook rack-of-ribs, thicker steaks, whole ducks or chicken and more. If there is any trouble using the grill, you can call upon the professional BBQ cleaning and repair services and bring your grill back to its original, cleaner state.

  • Ceramic Grills -Another grill option available is ceramic grills that come with thick walls. The major feature of this grill is that it allows heat radiating off the walls for even cooking. When compared with typical grills, ceramic grills are much deeper and are especially used to cook India’s naan and flatbreads directly over the side walls. Thinly sliced meat, veggies, fish, and kebabs can also be cooked on its grill portion.

  • Rotisserie Grills -This grill comes with a rotating spit that makes even and uniforms cooking of whole animals or thick slabs of meat easier and hassle-free. On this grill, food is cooked on low heat over several hours. The result is tender, moist meat on the inside and crispy skin on the outside.

When using this grill in the outdoor kitchen, a need to get it cleaned on a regular basis may be felt and for this, it is recommended to call upon professional service providers.

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