The Best Way to Use Fruit in Floral Arrangements

The trend of gifting huge and stunning-looking floral arrangements is on the rise. Irrespective of the occasion, these impressive floral arrangements become the center of attraction in the events. Using flowers as a décor element is not a new phenomenon. It is in vogue since times immemorial. Placing blooms in a perfect bouquet in artistic vases is the best way to add color and vibrancy to a place.

With time, floral decoration has also evolved. Today, it has become so simple to select floral bouquets from several options and Flowers Delivery in Lucknow. Today, besides sending flowers, people are also adding the goodness of fruits to the ensemble making it perfect health and aesthetic gift option.

When choosing appropriate flowers to be gifted on a specific occasion, also spend some time choosing seasonal or exotic fruits that can become a part of this ensemble. It will not only add volume and color to the bouquet, but it will also prove to be the perfect gift option for your loved one.

Top Tips to Create a Perfect Fruit and Flower Ensemble

If you have decided to go ahead with fruit and flower bouquet, research a little on such arrangements and get inspired by them.

  • If it is a handheld bouquet, choose a smaller-sized fruit that stays put and secure in the bouquet.
  • Look for fruit options that have stems so that a floral tape or wire can be used to secure it with floral stems.
  • If you are choosing larger-sized fruits like oranges or pomegranates, place it in the center of the arrangement with fresh blooms purchased from the local flower shop keeping the bouquet upright.
  • Fruit options like grapes and berries can easily fit between blooms adding depth to the ensemble. The vines of grapes or berries can be used to tie the bouquet securely. You can increase the width or height of the ensemble by adding as many fruits as you like.
  • When choosing fruits as an addition to your floral ensemble, keep in mind that ethylene gas is produced by fruits which are responsible for its quick ripening up. It can also make the flowers bloom faster than usual.

Get Inspired and Create Lovely Floral-Fruity Arrangement 

There is no dearth of fruit and flower options that can be used to create an interesting and impressive-looking ensemble. There are a few factors that need to be kept in mind when creating these ensembles like the color mix, fruit size, seasonal flowers and fruits, height and width of arrangement and more.

If you are looking forward to creating a showstopping arrangement, check out fresh blooms in warm colors and combine them with seasonal fruits in pale colors. For instance, choosing red kumquats and orange blends well with the warm colors of flowers like carnations and roses giving a cheery touch to the arrangement.

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