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Hajj Tours

One of the most important journeys made by any Muslim during their lifetime is the Hajj. Each year, the beginning of Hajj is marked by the 8th day of Dhu al- Hijjah lunar month. However, the length of this month and it’s an occurrence in accordance with the English calendar keeps changing each year. As such the official dates of Hajj are announced by Saudi Arabia’s High Judicial Court.

Significance of Hajj

The various rituals of the Hajj are made to symbolize the various trials and tribulations in the life of Prophet Abraham. In fact, the pilgrimage is made up of the various actions which were performed by Prophet Muhammad during his farewell pilgrimage in 632 A.d.

The different steps in Hajj

It is said that those who can complete Hajj attain cleansing of the soul and are also able to strengthen their relationship with God. However, Hajj is made up of several steps and rites and knowing about them beforehand may be very useful:

1. Entering the ihram: The foremost step of the pilgrimage is entering the ihram, a sacred state where the pilgrims forego their desires and control the negative instincts such as that of anger.

2. The second step is heading for Mina, which is an area outside Mecca. Here pilgrims stay in tents and spend their time in prayer up to the Arafah. 

3. Arafah: Even in Arafah, pilgrims spend their time devoted to prayer.

4. Muzadilfah: On the way back from Arafah, pilgrims spend their time in the Muzadilfah where they pray and collect pebbles for further rituals.

5. Eid al- Adha: This is composed of the sacrifice of a lamb and partaking in specific rituals which are of symbolic significance, at a designated place in Mecca.

6. The pebbles collected at Muzadilfah are thrown at the three pillars which are said to be symbolic of Satan.

7. The final and the most popular step is making circles of the Kaaba, which is the symbolic center meant for the meeting of Muslims from around the World.

Finding a Place in Hajj

One of the most crucial aspects of the Hajj is, of course, finding yourself among the limited number of spots that are allotted each year for the various countries, depending upon the number of Muslims that reside there. Further, unless you are well acquainted with the various steps and procedures that are involved in the journey. Further, the cost involved in hajj also differs in different countries and is best managed in the hands of professionals. 

Hajj Tour Packages

As an answer to all these problems, different tour companies from around the world have come up with their Hajj packages. With the various Hajj Packages 2020 Birmingham, all the different aspects of your hajj, including the accommodation at Mina, along with transportation to the various religious spots and also the food during the entire pilgrimage is well taken care of.

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