Window Treatment Ideas for Formal Dining Rooms

 A formal dining room is defined by being a separate room that can be closed off from the rest of the house when not in use. It is generally used for special occasions and entertaining that require more extensive seating than your daily meals. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your everyday dining area look more formal. Adding custom window treatments to your existing space can elevate its look. 

It is crucial to know your options when choosing a blind, shade, or custom shutter for your dining room. Moreover, knowing your room's window structure can give you a much better idea about the window treatment suitable for it. Your home’s overall interior and exterior design should be taken into account as well. If you are looking for something as simple as a roman shade or as intricate as custom drapes and curtains in Denver, the following list can give you a glimpse at what you can achieve with the window treatments that are best in your beautiful dining area.

Roman Shades

These classic custom window shades never fail to create a casual yet stylish atmosphere, even in less than formal dining rooms. With thinner fabric options available, you can minimize the window coverings footprint in the room. The profile of Roman shades provide a relaxing and inviting ambiance where you, your family, and visitors can enjoy a sumptuous meal.

Woven wood shades

Woven wood shades can be paired with other decorative elements to create a varied look. If you have a more rustic eating area, consider using shades that match your table and chairs paired with a patterned cloth cornice to complete the look. This would be a great set of products to choose if you wanted to emulate a Tuscan villa or French country home. 

Another option is to layer these shades with drapery that fits into your overall design scheme. The drapery will soften the look while pulling your entire look together. As a neutral element, shades will fit seamlessly into your dining room while the drapery can add drama and sophistication.  

Drapery in a calming color

For a more casual setting or an open concept dining area, choosing drapery will soften some of the hard edges of the room and windows. This is especially true if you have large, high windows and an expanse of wall that is all one color, as it helps to create a visual break. Opting for calming colors such as turquoise, teal, seafoam green, or ecru for your custom draperies will make your mealtime experience all the more enjoyable.

Color and Pattern

The choice of fabric and pattern weighs heavily into the look you will ultimately have whether you are looking at roller shades, Roman shades, or even drapery. Going with a black and white or black, grey, and white pattern will add an air of formality to any room, including your dining area. With a few elegant finishing touches you could be dining in style before you know it.

Louvered shutters

Interior shutters are a timeless look that works well with any style of furniture. If you have a reclaimed wood table, for instance, you can find custom window shutters in a matching or complementary real wood. Your grandmother’s antique table and chairs can’t be matched, you say? Why not find a complementary color that lets the furniture shine while subtly elevating the look of the room.  

Patterned grills

If you aren’t concerned about light control, a patterned grill might be the stylish choice for you. Patterned grills offer designs ranging from simple to intricate depending on your style preference. This is a perfect option for a dining room on the shaded side of your home where your fence provides privacy. 

Vertical dual shades

For a bank of windows where you want a little more structure than drapery can provide, consider vertical dual shades. Dual shades offer the softness that drapery provides with a dash of the structure that blinds produce. The varied options available allow you to choose how much light you want to let in your dining room at any given time.

Modern draperies

If you are a fan of modern designs, you can achieve this look while creating a formal ambiance in your dining room. Motorized roller shades have a new century look and often can be linked to your smart home. Give your space the chic look you’ve been searching for in your dining area.

Pleated panels

If you have windows that are spaced out across a wall, why not fill the gaps between them with pleated drapery panels? These traditional window treatments lend an air of sophistication to your dining room while softening the area around your windows. This is a great option when paired with another treatment like shutters, custom window blinds, or shades of any kind. 

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