Gel Blasters: Are They Legal In Australia?

Sports guns such as gel blasters are popular widely but certain countries banned on it due to its resemblance with the firearm. The question arises in this condition is whether gel blasters considered as a firearm in Western Australia. 

The legislation is different from country to country. In several regions of Australia such as in Queensland, it’s legal. In Western Australia, gel blasters are considered as firearms. Weapon Licensing Association in Western Australia has cleared that these guns are firearms and the persons fall in getting would be termed n a criminal act and would be prosecuted. 

Some experts think that sports guns such as gel blasters aren't imposed negative impacts on children but maintain several attributes in children. These include:  

  • Discipline by following rules and regulations
  • Better hand-eye coordination
  • Learn to work in a team
  • Physical fitness

These better personality traits help children to work in a competitive environment.  

In spite of these positive effects, it is a fact that sports guns are similar to real guns. No matters, how physical activities are involved in these games. The parents and several associations have concerns that these guns enhance the aggressive mood, especially among the growing teenagers and children. In result, the violence will induce in society which is not better for a society of developing age.   

Toy guns like Jinming M4a1 gel blaster, etc. are no doubt more enchanting for the players. This enhances the adventurous mood children to get more entertainment from. For those children, several indoor and outdoor ranges are present that help them to play under strict rule to get entertain in that place.   

In spite of these legislations, there present several concerns about the laws that make Gel Blasters ineffective to play. According to these legislations, the firearms that resemble that would be dangerous to shot or having bullet to make people injured and any missile resemblance attributes are banned. By viewing Gel Blasters, it is clear that none any attributes present above for the firearms are present. With these statistics, Gel Blasters aren’t the gun that resembles with real firearms in this respect.   

This is a point that makes players play these games in indoor and outdoor ranges under the rules and regulations made by the range’s management.   

Anyways, there present nothing in the law which proves this legality related to the Gel Blasters. Moreover, the Australian customs previously considered these sports guns (Gel Blasters) similar to the airsoft guns which they are not! This was due to the sensitivity with a word gun.   

Australia is one of the most sensitive countries to things resembles with the word gun. But, today, these guns are not considered as the firearms which make more players to play without having a license for them. This sort of laws aren’t same for all the states and are different depend on the state laws for it. If you live in Queensland, then you don’t have to worry about it. This game is more popular there.  

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