Get The Best Do-it-yourself Cages For Your Bunnies For The Leading Suppliers

 Bunnies just like kids require special attention mainly when it comes to their shelter. In case you are dwelling through this question here is a brief review of DIY bunny cage and the dos and don’ts associated with them.

The do's of rabbit cages 

  • Choose a hutch that is at least 4-5 times bigger than your rabbit 
  • In case you are planning to adopt more than one opt for even bigger cages 
  • In case you are on a space crunch how about a multi tired rabbit cage Now note that bunnies are energetic animals and this they love to walk around. So cages with flat surface helping them to walk is important. Sometimes you get slatted bar based cages. These surely makes it easier to clear the droppings however they causes foot pain in your furry friends. Setup the bunny cage before your fur buddies arrive and make sure the cage is big filled with plenty of toys, safe places to sleep and already provided with food and water. You must also put a litter tray beforehand. 

The don’ts   

  • Bunnies are gregarious in nature. So don’t put the cage somewhere obsolete or in backside of the house 
  • Try and place your bunny house in centre of your house in rooms which are mostly filled with companies 
  • Don’t leave your pets unattended for long time. 
  • Don’t forget to  provide lots of toys   
  • You can adopt two at once for a better positive ambiance 
  • Don’t use harsh cleaners or the ones you use in your house to clean the cages. Rabbits have a tendency to bite and scratch everything that comes in their way. Using if harsh cleaners can make them very sick. 
  • Make sure to use galvanised cages. As mentioned already these fur balls have a tendency to bite and scratch non galvanised cages can be lethal for them. You can buy galvanized rabbit cages for sale from leading online bunny care products sellers

Building rabbit cages 

The basic requisites for building of your cages are 

  • Cage frame components 
  • Tools and fasteners 
  • Door liners 
  • Closures   
  • Hangers 
  • Handles   
  • Galvanised after weld vinyl coated wires The various types of hutch you can build are  
  1. The basic hutch 
  1. This is basically a box will with wired gates keeping the your babies off the ground    
  1. The multi cage hutch 
  1. Similar to basic hutch but with multiple pockets these are good in case you have or plan to have more than one bunnies. These multi cages keeps the bunnies together and help in positive energy. Also cleaning and feeding is efficient  
  1. Multi cage yet separate hutch 
  1. Similar to a multi caged one but with separate pockets to keep the bunnies separate. However with presence of doors to keep them condensed and efficient this one is a great option    
  1. All wired   
  1. Although not much on the aesthetics front in case your bunnies are at risk of predators attack these are really handy.  Other than these few there are many other DIY bunny cages you can find tutorials on web.  So just check them get the best authentic products from the leading rabbitery suppliers and present shelter for your fur babies.   

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