My journey

11 weeks after surgery
At my heaviest weight
Hi everyone ,

I have wanted to share a little bit of my story for quite a wile now, I have been quite open with everyone so a lot of use will have already heard about my new journey my new lease of life ,I want to get my story out there to stop the gossips but most importantly to inspire other that is struggling I hope you enjoy.

Well for as long as I can remember growing up I was always the big one the chubby girl I just wanted to fit in I wanted to be slim I wanted to be the girl on the magazine there is so much media as how we should look ,so here I am a 29 year old with terrible back problems I have three beautiful girls and a fantastic fiancé and my life is so content but I wanted to b healthy I want to feel comfortable and my weight was always there I tryed slimming world weight watchers exercise classes you name it I tryed it but I'd loss a couple of stone and then stop going and I'd have all my weight back on plus another stone I was so fed up it was really getting me down I wanted to scream so I was online one evening searching for another diet and I came across gastric surgery to be honest I flicked on past it then it appeared again so I clicked into it ,I had heard about gastric bands on tv but never ever thought I'd be sitting there looking or even considering surgery the more I read the more my brain was going crazy every chance I got i was on reading ,so one day I came across gastric sleeve operation and it was in Prague so there I was filling out the medical  form and I paid my deposit that was it I had my mind made up I wanted to do this, ofcourse I was terrified going to a different country out of my comfort zone ,but I had my wee mammy by my side my family nd friends were so supportive to be honest if I didnt have them I don't no how I could of done it I had to really grow a set,
Well my surgery day came I was an emotional wreck I changed my mind 5378 times but a wee voice in my head keep saying you can do this and I no this is what I wanted for so long I would have regretted it if I didn't do it and the hospital was fantastic the care was amazing I even met four lovely ladies from the uk who also had there surgery the same week as me its lovely to have surgery sisters and the online support from thousands of people from the hospital is just fantastic ,well I just wanted to share a little bit of my story with use and my surgery has been a great success and  I am feeling healthier and more comfortable in myself I didn't do this for anyone but myself and I am so glad I done it ,if you are considering weight loss surgery I'd say just do it I wish I would of done it years ago.
A lot of people will think it's the easy way out but I got to tell you it's really not it was the hardest thing I have ever done but also the best decision I have ever made ,I have had so many people message me and even come up to me in the street asking me why? Where? When? Who? And I love talking about my sleeve it's been a life saver for me even though I still have terrible back problems I really do have a new lease of life.

If I can do it anyone can do it ...!

Lots of love linny xx

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