Overview of Wikipedia

  Wikipedia serves as the knowledge providing portal to the people all across the globe. There are around 27 million people registered users according to the data reported by Wikipedia. The huge amount of people has contributed in encyclopedia or the purpose of the information acquiring. There is an estimation of number of pages viewed on Wikipedia, it’s more than 18 million page views per month which makes it one of the most visited websites in the world.  When you log onto Wikipedia website, On the left side, you will find a list that includes the main page, contents, featured content, current events, random articles, donate to Wikipedia and Wikipedia store. Then there is interaction, tools, print/export other projects and option of different languages. You can choose between different content as per your interest on Wikipedia.  If you want to explore Wikipedia then there are two ways to find things, one is by searching or by browsing. If you know the name of an article then you can simply search the topic on the Wikipedia’s search box. If you don’t know about the topic then you can look around the encyclopedia to see what’s on it. You can use Wikipedia’s content pages.  Searching on Wikipedia is easy. There is a complete list of topics organized in an alphabetical index and indices by category. You will find the information sectioned and categorized in an organized form which comes handy for researchers on Wikipedia. Content list also includes curated article collections, Reference collections, special format collections, collections of articles and collection of articles by quality or popularity. This wide range of articles indicates the versatility in articles and essays. These collections are further classified into sub-categories.  Wikipedia has various kinds of pages which provide content in a non-prose form for reference purposes. Each page gives variety of information and very detailed one. It’s for sure going to happen that if you are an encyclopedia geek then there is a chance that you will be engaged on Wikipedia for hours. Even for the researchers and the learners, Wikipedia can be a huge source of knowledge.  Wikipedia also has glossaries, Bibliographies on the Wikipedia’s type section. Where as topics are listed as current events, reference, culture, geography, health, history Mathematics, Nature, people, Philosophy, religion, society and technology. So, you can search accordingly or hire Get on wiki for the page creation.  In places, people and times section, you will find the sub categories like Academic disciplines, Anniversaries, countries, territories, and timelines (centuries and decades).   

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