Telescopic Spray Wand From Best Car Gurus? Is it Good?

 This Telescopic Spray Wand widens your range and gives you more freedom when you use your pressure washer. Which is why many trailer owners, homeowners and truck drivers choose it! Get comfort, power and precision with this easy to use, easy to carry spray wand! 

Best Car Gurus Offers A Spray Wand That Can Extend 18ft High!

 How does it helps you?

 Even with a pressure washer, there really are spots you can’t reach. Say, the eaves under your roofs or a trailer or truck roof that’s just too high. To reach spots like these, you’d have to move a lot or get up on a ladder, which is tiring, tedious and potentially dangerous.Times like these are when you could really use a Telescopic Spray Wand.

It extends the range of your pressure washer by more than 15 feet. Allowing you to reach those spots that you couldn’t quite reach before.What’s more, you can put different spray nozzles or cleaners on a spray wand like a gutter cleaner or a road cleaner to give you more cleaning options.

Long story short; You’ll need a Telescopic Spray Wand, it just makes pressure washing that much easier.

Best Car Gurus Improved Spray Wand:

Long Reach: This Telescopic Spray Wand can extend up to 18ft and you can even adjust it by using just the amount of sections you need to give you great accuracy!

Harness Belt: Provides better control and comfort during use. Lessening strain and weight.

Flexible: It's compatible with both electric and gas powered pressure washers. It also comes with 5 different spray nozzles to give you more options for range.

Durable: This wand can take 4000 psi no problem! Giving you a combination of power and precision

.Easy Installation: You can easily connect it to most pressure washer hoses since it uses the standard ⅜ Quick Connector. Just plug, twist and spray away!

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