Digital Marketing Articles I've written

I have been writing about online marketing on my personal blog for the past 5 years (warning: it's all in Danish), while also helping smaller danish webshops on a freelance basis. But to reach new audiences I have also been writing on other different platforms - and in English.

Below is a short list of other articles I've written about online marketing, that some hopefully will (and have) found useful. It's not a fully exhaustive list, but some of those that I have written most recently and that I know are still getting readers every month.

Article on Medium about Facebook Advertising

Article on Medium about my new workplace (how it feels to work at an Open Source company)

Article on Overblog about getting started with SEO

My Doodlekit blog with a single article as well

I hope some of the posts are useful to you and I hope to have the time to keep publishing more stories - both here on poptype and on other sites like those above.

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