7 Reasons Why You Should Create a Study Group in College

Study groups are great to promote collaboration among the students and helping them in different areas of studies. It may sound like a strange idea of forming a group of four to five students and expecting them to focus on study. But, it happens and it works really well.

Generally, forming a college study group is something that most of the students don't know about or do not want to be a part of it. But, against the common belief, creating or joining a study group could be the best decision of your college life.

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The following are some of the ways that getting into a study group would benefit you.

A Perfect Solution for Procrastination: Procrastination is common amongst college students. They are drowned under the pile of assignments and they usually have less time to complete them. As a result, they feel overwhelmed and delay all the work.

Creating a study group will force you to be active and mindful of all the learning as you will be answerable to the group members.

Better and Faster Learning: Studying with other students will help you to learn faster and in a better manner. When working alone you may come across several concepts that you cannot understand. Being in a study group means that if someone in the group knows about it and understands it, he could help you too.

You could ask questions and all the group members could work together on it.

Detailed and Better Insights: Breaking the topic into several topics and asking each member to work on one section will facilitate better learning. Each member will share their findings and analysis and help you understand it as a whole.

In a study group, you will be able to cover the textbook faster and in a better manner.

Healthy Competition: Study groups promote healthy competition among the members. When you work alone you have no sense of competition and doing better. When working with others, it inspires you to move forward and do better in your studies.

Besides competition, in case one of the members is having difficulties in understanding something the other students help him understand and motivate him to keep working hard.

A Free of Cost Option: Probably the most promising benefits of a study group is that it costs nothing to join and study in a group. This feature is especially promising for students who are studying in a virtual environment and cannot afford the costly tuition fees.

For them, study groups are the best option as they could meet like-minded students and study effectively.

A Break from Monotony: Studying alone is boring and we all know this. Being confined in a room with piles of books is not a very encouraging study environment, at least for many of us. Getting into a study group will help you take a break from this monotony and meet new people.

Even if you are a solitary person and like to study alone, one or two weekly group study sessions will help you do better in your self-study also.

Preparation for the Professional World: Group study means that everyone must collaborate with each other and work as a team. This prepares you to work in a professional environment successfully. You may have noticed that many high scoring students could not do good in their professional life.

Most of the time, this is the main reason that they do not know how to work in a team and as a team. Therefore, a study group prepares you for it.

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