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  With Coronavirus restrictions easing  up in Australia, smaller groups of people are allowed to gather in one  place. However, it is still advisable to exercise social distancing and  avoid large crowds.    Although it seems like things will be  somewhat back to normal sometime soon, brands should still strive to  think outside the box when it comes to their marketing campaigns.  Businesses shouldn’t have to wait for things around them to change, when  major changes can happen internally.   

A digital brand activation that  everyone can access from the comfort of their own homes allows for  brands to run their events as per usual without having to wait for  government restrictions to ease up.    Digital brand activations are much more than just social media campaigns.    With the entire digital space at your fingertips – the possibilities are endless!   

Digital brand activations have several benefits over typical activations: 

  • Easily accessible by anyone, anywhere and at anytime
  • Set up and launch of the activation is relatively quick
  • Measure real-time results as the data comes in
  • Opportunity for continuous optimisation and improvement based on results

Here are the 4 key components of a good digital brand activation  

1. Set your goals 

There are two aspects that you should  keep in mind: what you want your brand to achieve, and what you want  your customers to action. Typically, brands aim to raise awareness and  promote brand loyalty. As for what you want your customers to do, this  depends on your individual business offering. 

2. Understand your market 

You need to understand and analyse  your current and potential customers, trends and the market for a brand  activation to work well. You need to offer your customers something  they’d actually be interested in, not just what you think would be good. 

3. Devise your strategy 

How will you actually conduct your  brand activation? There are a multitude of ways you can do this –  through social media, your website, videos, apps, a virtual experience,  games… the list goes on! Ultimately, it’s about choosing what will work  best for your brand and creating a good strategy around it. 

4. Measure your results 

Remember your customer goal? This is  the time to see if it was actually fulfilled. You need to assess the  outcome of your digital brand activation to see what worked, what  didn’t, and how to improve. Not sure how to approach a digital brand activation?  

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