Video animation – A market Tool

Animation are sequentially arranged images that develop a story. More and more companies are using the technique of video animation to convey an idea in an innovative way. These types of videos are used to generate stories around a brand or company.Today the audiovisual media have offered animation other new ways of communicating characterizing the animation as if they were real characters, with characteristics similar to those of an actor, with music and countless special effects.

Techniques used in Video Animation

Traditional techniques:

  • Cartoons: it is one of the oldest techniques, the pictures are drawn by hand, such as The Lion King.
  • Stop Motion: motion simulation of static objects capturing photographs of it, for example Corpse Bride.
  • Animation by cuts: it is built from cuts of the characters themselves to generate movement.
  • Pixelation: occurs when there is a movement of common objects.
  • Rotoscopia: it is about drawing on real images.

3D techniques:

  • Animation by vertex.
  • Skeleton Animation
  • Motion Capture: this is the recording of real movements translated into digital format.
  • Computer Vision: translate actor movements in real time to 3D character.

As we can see there are plenty of techniques to make an animation video. In addition, to being very fun and original there is currently a great boom of this type of videos as they generate a lot of expectation for the public.Big firm or even a small video animation company is using these techniques to bring quality in their work. It is essential to have a Video animation for your brand’s advertisement. It is recommended to have animated video in order to attract more traffic to your brand, enhance sales and increase leads.As time passes, new techniques will be discovered to make videos more attractive. As for the future, animation videos will be used for movies, video games, television, advertising and many more formats.

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