What makes your piece of art memorable to the audience?

Every artist and content creator has always believed in attaining fame and recognition through their work. Although it is true that many artists remain underrated despite their content is unique and phenomenal. Apart from all that, a content creator always wants his or her art to remain memorable to their audience.

But, how does one that? What is the secret formula for that? Is there any? Not sure but one can always think of adapting certain ways and practices to ensure that their work whether it is a piece of art or content emerges as memorable.

Mamdouh Bayan believes that these 4 practices can help an artist ensuring that their work remains memorable to the audience.

1) Introducing new ideas

The audience simply loves the use of exuberant visuals and aesthetics in digital content and art. But, they don’t really like it when these elements are repetitive or inspired from some other source. Hence, it is vital for you to come up with unique ideas pertaining to the use of visuals and aesthetics.

2. Feeding the target audience

In this commercial era, you cannot succeed or even survive if you choose to ignore what your target audience actually wants to see and enjoy. In order to remain original and make your art memorable, you can focus on introducing what your target audience likes to see but in your way as you preserve your point of view.

3) Going timeless

Mamdouh Bayan is of the opinion that an artist has to dive into a timeless zone to ensure that his or work always remains memorable. The art can easily survive for decades or even for centuries if the idea, styles and the mood are not related to a specific era or time. This helps your audience to watch your content at any time or after many years.

What is better than that? Imagine a family watching 30 years later something you created in 2019. Won’t you feel great about that? If anything, the idea of it only gives you a lot of confidence.

4) Simpler is better

Steve Jobs once said, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

It goes without saying that simplicity is always better when it comes to creating content. Given that your idea/concept/message is strong your audience will fall in love with no matter what.

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