Affiliate Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2020

Affiliate marketing has been dominating the scene for some time now. One of the reasons it still reigns supreme is the fact that it’s constantly changing. Unlike some other forms of marketing, affiliate marketing is super versatile. It follows all the latest trends and uses them wisely. Since the trends are constantly changing, something that was “hot” merely last year is now practically considered ancient history. And with the industries evolving as well, staying on top of trends becomes even more important. That said, here are some of the hottest affiliate marketing predictions we can expect to see more of in 2020.

Affiliate marketing seasonal campaigns

While there are certainly campaigns that stay relevant year-round, affiliate marketers should really focus on seasonal campaigns as well. Specific events or seasons leave plenty of room for some awesome marketing campaigns. For instance, the Valentine’s day really boosts sales of all things romantic. Add to that an elaborate marketing campaign and watch the sales skyrocket. The same goes for different seasons. With the summer approaching us fast, there will be an expected increase in marketing all things fitness. Therefore, make sure you stay on top of these seasonal campaigns and use them to your advantage.

TikTok and affiliate marketing

The time of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter campaigns – although still relevant – seems to be overshadowed by the new kid on the block. TikTok is a relatively fresh platform populated by audiences of all ages. Therefore, it presents a pool of lucrative opportunities. This platform enables affiliates to tap into new supply channels and refresh the way of marketing their products. Do some research prior to making a campaign to really nail it on the head. With such a huge growth potential this platform offers, it would really be a shame to miss out on it. Besides, the last thing you want to come off as is just another clout-chaser.

Stay focused

Affiliate marketing, in its nature, is very experimental. Anyone who says that it’s an exact science has no idea what they’re talking about. With affiliate marketing, it’s all about trial and error. You’ll need to experiment a lot until you manage to find a strategy that works. Once you do, continue optimizing it to suit your style and needs. However, don’t ever lose focus. If you do, getting back on track can prove to be more difficult than you think. And just because something seemed to be working in one scenario, that doesn’t mean you’ll get the same results each time. You need to stay alert and adjust your efforts in accordance with the tidal wave you’re trying to climb.

Affiliate ratings

With so many different affiliate programs on the market, trying to find the best one to join may seem a bit too overwhelming. Luckily, there are numerous resource websites that group, review and rate affiliate programs from different industries. This is particularly useful if you’re part of an affiliate program in one of the leading industries, such as iGaming. Being able to check the ratings of your affiliate program if you’re a long-term casino affiliate may offer some useful insight. Depending on your ratings, you can see whether or not your affiliate program needs some adjusting.

B2B affiliate marketing is on the rise

B2B marketing is a very popular form of marketing. But what’s interesting is the increase of B2B affiliate campaigns we can see on the market. Aside from the usual B2C rout most affiliate marketers take, we can now see many opting to promote to businesses as well. This opens many new opportunities to affiliate marketers. Targeting industry professionals and winning lucrative campaigns are just some of those perks.

Affiliate marketing localization

In the end, we can’t talk about affiliate marketing without mentioning localization. With current technologies, the entire world is at our hand’s reach. But, ironically enough, this has little use to affiliate marketers. What they should be focusing on instead is the local market. However, when going local with your campaign, you’ll need to do so much more than just translating your offer to another language. Instead, focus on learning the culture you’re promoting to. See what are the best ways to reach the audience you’re trying to reach. Look for any holes on the market that need to be filled and create a campaign centered around filling them.

As mentioned earlier, the world of affiliate marketing will only continue to grow. With so many new trends constantly hitting the market, affiliates need to try and stay on top of them. The best and fastest way you can reach success is by doing your due diligence and staying focused. Since the pace at which the trends are changing is fast, make sure you don’t miss out on any important ones. 

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