Undercarriage Cleaner From Bestcargurus

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This Undercarriage Cleaner has:

Without a doubt, a pressure washer is an important piece of tool that can help you clean the underbody of your car. 

The powerful jet of water can blast away dirt and grime much easier than a conventional water hose. 

The nozzle of this Undercarriage Cleaner works perfectly with your power washer, with 1/4 inch male plug, so you can clean hard-to-reach areas.

This spray nozzle is very convenient to use and makes the cleaning process more efficient, there is no need to kneel or crawl just to reach the under chassis of your vehicle.

The nozzle is built with high-quality aluminum, and it has two (2) durable wheels that make it easy for the device to slide under the vehicle.

 Simple to use:

  1. Connect the Undercarriage Cleaner to the nozzle rod via ¼” quick connector
  1. Connect the nozzle rod to the extension rod (if needed)
  1. Connect the Undercarriage Cleaner with the nozzle rod to your existing power washer
  1. Turn On your power washer
  1. Slide back and forth to your car’s undercarriage

Tip: Repeat cleaning Step #5 until the water that falls down is clear of dirt or grime 

You'll be able to save money by easily cleaning your car with this Undercarriage Cleaner in the comfort of your own driveway. 

Make sure you’re setting aside some time for routine car washes!

With the aid of this Undercarriage Cleaner, every nook and cranny of your car will be spotless in no time at all. 

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