What are the Strategy for setup the Canon IJ Setup ?

Canon IJ Setup allows the canon user to share photo and movie files without connecting it to a USB drive. The Canon Start IJ utility allows you to connect the printer via a configured wireless connection without having to connect it wired. The user can share video images etc., when the installation is in place. This ensures that the printer is connected to a wide range of devices such as tablets, tablets, notebooks and other devices. Requirements for connecting a Canon printer to an IJ network using The printer user must have access to a modem, router and Wi-Fi- modem, one of the three options is key.You should make sure that the connection based on these devices works correctly.The consumer must also have a smart device and an active online connection.This will facilitate the IJ configuration, make sure your device is on the network.Open the canon website, open the configuration section, which facilitates access to all information and means for connecting configuration.All users with a canon printer and a Windows computer can configure their canon ij network on their own system by installing the printer installation using a CD. If you are a user, you must download applications related to this Canon printer to use 35 services, you can install the IJ configuration.

After installing the CD on your computer, a screen will appear in which you want to click the option named below. On MAC, this is a two-step procedure. Sort the password first, now after entering the password, click on its functionality to configure the helper application. You must select from the available menu if you want to configure a wireless connection or USB connection. Make sure the printer is in the on mode. Click the next option to proceed. The following option allows you to connect to the community to connect. Choose a configuration without cables to use the IJ configuration. Windows XP does not support the cable configuration you want to choose. All rights to a Canon printer must be enabled. The printer allows installation and installation of the software depending on the requirements. You must select an end user agreement to allow Canon IJ configuration. After setting up the wireless system and Canon printer, follow the configuration procedure.

Make a connection with USB Cable: 

  • You want to choose the option named please configure the printer in IJ Network. You must select the option to connect the printer via USB.
  • Then click another option.
  • A screen will appear showing the steps you need to take to connect the printer to the IJ network using a USB cable.
  • Make sure that if you're using a Mac, click the next option.
  • The available access point will look like.
  • Click to connect the printer.
  • If you have already identified the network, click Yes to proceed.
  • If you're a Mac user, click allow.
  • A screen will appear where you must disassemble the printer on your computer, and then click OK. If you are a Windows user, click.
  • Click the specific driver version, and then click add driver.
  • Click to perform the MG3000 installation procedure.

As soon as the printer successfully connects to the system, launch the control panel and then install. Add a specific printer to the device using the printer and device options. Specify the network option by selecting the option or wireless network. After installing the printer using the canon IJ installation. Make sure you try exactly the same. Select any random document from the file and folders to allow the printer to test whether it prints. If you can't print by yourself, don't hesitate to contact your system administrator or service center staff to help set up your MG3000  printer. In the event that the printer offers qualitative and legible printouts, this obviously means that the printer is working properly. The printer can help with general printing in difficult conditions so that we can perform our routine tasks and work projects. If you find problems with software or hardware, you can reset the printer by holding down the printer start button. You can update the driver after resetting the printer.  Canon IJ configuration for MG3000 printer with  MG3000 installation there are many such access points, which are called routers and hubs that display an auto-connect button. This button is marked with WPS. This is the 1 way that allows devices like Pixma Printers to connect to the network without requiring a password. This is a quick and easy procedure. The actions used to connect under the WPS method are listed below.

Steps used for connecting with WPS Method:

  • Please make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Make certain the light adjacent to the printer flashes blue,
  • Now visit your access point, and press on the WPS button over 2 minutes.
  • For the exact details for beginning WPS in your entrance point refer to this documentation
  • The Wifi lamp installation is gloomy and it'll last to setup.
  • When you hunt the wifi lamp will float automatically.
  • Once the wifi setup was established securely establish the relationship. Blinking wills stop.
  • The practice of verifying the network setup is given below.
  • Make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Now insert the A4 sheet of paper from the printer tray
  • Press and hold the restart and cancel button.
  • Please let the alert flash 15 times.
  • Now launch it
  • When referring to the printout, check the link that indicates active. The SSID active, your title suggests the title of your network.
  • This finishes the WPS installation procedure.
  • Make certain you download the appropriate printer driver.
  • Canon IJ installation for Mac using ts3122 setup
  • Download the applicable file.
  • Check the settings of the canon printer correctly
  • Double click on the downloaded file and then mount it to the disk image.
  • Double click on the mounted disc image.
  • Double click on the printer folder that the setup process begins automatically.
  • Please ensure the drivers to get IJ wireless installation are timely. The IJ setup for canon makes it simple and convenient for a printer to publish the documents easily.

The Canon com IJsetup  configuration enables Canon printer compatibility with both Mac and Windows laptops and desktops. It enables the use of smarter printing methods that can be done anywhere, anytime without having to do exercises and hassles. The Canon printer is usually a chromatic printer that also reproduces high quality text and photos.

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