What is a WiFi Booster And How Does It Works?


Imagine you have your router placed in the living room, and the further you move away from it, the weaker the signal becomes. What should you do? You should take the wireless extender and place it in the living room, closer to the main router. It then will receive the wifi signal and pass it further, expanding the signal area and making your life easier.There are also a few points which you should take into consideration:

  • If you are using an extender, then the wifi network remains the same (which is good). For example, your main router distributes a network named “my_wifi”, and when we install the extender, it just copies your network information and creates exactly the same network.
  • All your devices will automatically connect to the network, which signal is stronger. You will never notice this.
  • All the devices – phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, etc., which are connected to the main router or a wifi extender, will be on the same network. This means you can configure a local network the way all the devices participate in. Or, for instance, you can set up a DLNA server, and watch movies from your computer on a TV. In this case, the computer can be connected to the extender and the TV to the router. Convenient, isn’t it?

This is how extenders work.
There are also wifi signal boosters and wifi repeaters which are often confused with extenders. They have a slight difference though. While the latter replicate an existing connection without creating a new network, wifi boosters capture the wireless signal and rebroadcast it in a new location. Thus, the signal strengthens around the booster, but the original bandwidth may become weaker for up to 50% in strength. Thus, you’re the one who decides which option is the most suitable for you! 

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