Tips to increase the life span of your car

Maintenance is the trick to increase the life span of the car. Even an old car can live longer than expected if treated properly. One can also say that it is the key to scale back the pollution caused by cars. Well-maintained cars help you save a lot of money. Plus now in order to maintain your car, you don't even have to step out of the house because there are car service providers out there who provide car care services right at your doorstep. But still maintaining a car is very important. Here are a number of the ideas to extend the lifespan of a car:

1. Changing the engine oil

One of the foremost common and effective ways to extend the lifetime of your car is to keep changing the oil regularly. You must have heard this tip repeatedly in your life. It is because it being the most important one and the most common one. It's very necessary, in terms of car care because the oil you see acts as a lubricant and it lubricates the engine and cools off the tightly packed particles on the engine. If you do not change the oil regularly, your car may experience a breakdown and reduced efficiency. It is said changing the oil regularly on time and increase the lifespan of the engine by two times.

2. Getting your car serviced regularly & on time

You can check the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual you got along with the vehicle. It's advisable to follow the schedule given to make sure the car is up and running properly without any problems. Many services are provided within the regular maintenance checks for example like the change of various fluids, checking the brake pads, and steering then on.

3. Maintaining the tire health

Make a habit of rotating the tires of your car and checking their pressure regularly is a must. A wiped out one can easily absorb heat and blow out. Rotating the tires can prevent premature wear of tires. So, it's important to keep a check on those tire pressures & to make sure an extended lifespan of your car’s tires and therefore the car itself.

4. Keeping your car clean

Depending on the weather, you ought to get your car washed and waxed sometimes. By doing so, you can avoid any settling of dust or formation of rust on the car. Warmer climates have more dusty roads which require washing of car fairly often whereas, in winters, the frequency is reduced to each week or two. Waxing can be done twice a year because it helps to take care of the shine of the car and also stops any scratches as of such.

Above mentioned tips to extend your car’s lifespan can only be achieved if you're taking your car to the service station regularly, which takes time and efforts. Most folks don't have enough time to take their cars to the center. So, to unravel your problem, online car services have started which does all the work you right at your doorstep. So, if you've got a car that needs repair and you don’t have the time, then take out your phone and place your booking right now.

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