Shopify price calculator app

  Shopify price calculator App allows customers to buy things according to their needs rather than buy in bulk. It enables customers to conveniently fetch the price of their products by entering measurements in length, area, volume, and weight. The Shopify price calculator app allows customers to understand pricing format and encourages them to purchase in greater quantities to qualify for discounts. 

Sell Products Based on Different Measurement nor used can use on Friday

Measurement price calculator app to your store you can sell a variable-sized product based on length, weight, area, volume, and even boxes. For example,  

  1. Area – sell products such as floor tiles,      carpets, or estate in Sq mm, sq meter, sq km, sq ft, sq yrd, etc.
  1. Volume – sell products such as milk,      diesel, or compost in milliliters, liters, gallons, cubic meters, etc.
  1. Box - sell products in boxes such as tiles and other similar items.

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