Why Do I Need Gutters On My Home?

Without properly installed quality gutters, rain will introduce water back to your home causing rot damage to exterior doors and windows, and other wood which can result in extensive damage and expensive repair work. The water can also damage landscaping and even your foundation. When it rains it is also very windy at times and that is what will cause the damage to occur with poorly installed or clogged gutters (like the one shown) just as with no gutters at all.

Cross Construction is located in Houston, Texas and with our local weather we have alot of rain at once or long periods of time without any. This is not good for foundations and will promote movement in the earth below your home. Too much water is just as bad as not enough and you should control water run off with a gutter system to carry it at least 3ft from your foundation. In times of no rain, you should water your foundation with a soaker hose or sprinkler system.

Solid Cover Gutter Protection is not like anything you have used or seen. Cross Construction can install attractive, maintenance free gutters to your home that will prevent damage and maintain the beauty of your home. All work is fully insured and guaranteed!

Do I really need Solid Cover Gutter Protection? You Bet! Here is why!

Having dirty, clogged gutters prevents waterflow and can be just as bad or even worse than having no gutters at all. If you do not have the time or ability to clean the gutters and perform regular maintenance, then you need Solid Cover Gutter Protection. Good gutter cover protection prevents clogs, birds nests, debris, and plant life from building up in your gutters and you never have to clean your gutters again.

Continuous Rain Guttering, "Seamless Gutters" is nationally recognized as the most popular form of guttering. Seventy-five percent of all guttering installed throughout the nation is Continuous. Its poularity is easily understood because . . .

Continuous Rain Guttering eliminates usightly seams and reduces the possibility of leaks

  • Baked on enamel finish never needs painting.
  • Protects the beauty of your home and landscaping
  • Heavy guage aluminum and steel exceeds federal housing requirements.
  • Forming on the job site in our factory on wheels.
  • Most jobs completed in one day.
  • Many colors from which to choose
  • Lifetime gurantee

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