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Having a newborn baby is, of course, very exciting after waiting for him or her for 9 months in your womb. Parents may be very interested to go to a baby shop to buy stuff for the baby. One of the most important items to prepare, even before the baby is born, is his or her clothes. Buying clothes for the baby is more than choosing whether a product is cute or not. You must also consider many other things including the types, sizes, materials, and more. 

If you are looking for a store that sells baby gear and clothes, Birds&Bees is the recommendation. It provides clothes, baby’s diapers, baby carriers, strollers, toys, and many more. all the products are cute and comfortable with friendly prices. So, what kinds of baby clothes can you buy in Birds&Bees? Here they are. 

Short-Sleeve Baby Clothes 

Short-sleeve baby clothes are worn particularly in spring or summer. Well, this type of baby clothes must be available in the wardrobe because it may be the most comfortable clothes for him or her. Your baby’s skin is still very sensitive so wearing those clothes with long sleeves in a wrong condition may cause allergy. Sure, the material used for the clothes must also be considered. The material must be soft and smooth to avoid rash or prickly heat.  For the size, you can choose clothes that are not too tight on the baby. Aside from increasing the possibility of allergy, the baby can also feel stuffy when wearing such clothes. For colors and designs, it depends on your taste for sure since you cannot ask the baby what color he or she likes. Although many people think that it is cute for the baby to wear clothes with colorful cartoon doodles, the plain one is not bad to choose. Make sure to go to a store for baby equipment like Birds&Baby. 

Long-Sleeve Baby Clothes  When short-sleeve baby clothes are perfect for the spring or summer, a baby who is born in the winter needs a set of long-sleeve baby clothes. Despite sweaters and other warm clothes, simple clothes with long-sleeves are indeed needed. The baby’s body is still very sensitive toward the weather around. But more importantly, make sure that their clothes are still very comfortable to wear for a long time. Sometimes, you need to avoid wearing baby wool products since it causes skin problems like allergy or irritation.  Similar to what to do in choosing short-sleeve baby clothes, when choosing the long-sleeve ones, they must not be too tight. In a common winter situation, the baby needs to feel warm but not extremely thermal since it causes him or her to feel cramped and even sick. Along with long-sleeve baby clothes, long pants are also needed to let his or her cute body feel really warm but also comfortable.   


One of the most popular clothes for the baby is a jumper, known also as the bodysuit. Interestingly, this idea is actually not only for the baby but also adults. In general, it is a kind of overall suit with buttons commonly placed in the lower area. For the baby’s jumper, the buttons are even placed in their toe areas. The design itself is various. Some jumpers are intended for spring or summer seasons so that all the sleeves and pants are short. Meanwhile, you can choose long jumpers to make the baby feel warmer in the winter.  A jumper with buttons is designed to ease moms when they need to change the diaper without opening the entire suit. For babies above 6 months old, the designs are more varied. It is because the baby has grown bigger and taller and parents find themselves more flexible in changing his or her clothes. Although you may look for a cheap baby store to buy the jumper, make sure that the products are still good and qualified anyway. 


Yes, it seems to lack something to spend the winter without jackets. Although long-sleeve baby clothes are good enough, they are only to wear inside the home. In case you must let the baby go outside, he or she needs a jacket. Nowadays, it is not very difficult to get jacket products even for the newborn baby. The prices are various as well as the design and material.  It is okay if you are tempted at cheap prices. However, it doesn’t mean that quality is the second thing to think about. In fact, many jackets are made from materials that are not really friendly for kids. In Birds&Bees, the baby store and shop, all the jacket collection providers are made from soft and smooth to avoid allergy and irritation on the baby’s skin that is still very sensitive. 


What does a romper look like? In general, it is a kind of overall clothes for babies and kids. Yes, it is quite similar to the jumpers mentioned above. However, a romper tends to be longer making it look like pajamas for babies. Uniquely, a romper also covers the baby’s toes and it is functioned also as socks. For the winter or rainy season, this type of baby clothes is much recommended. Of course, you don’t need to add other socks just to make the baby even feel warmer.  The buttons are also placed in the lower area of the romper. Again, it eases you more in opening or or changing the clothes. Different from jumpers that are commonly worn to go outside or hang out, rompers are more recommended for home. You can wear it to the baby at night to let him or her sleep tight. 

Baby’s Underwear 

Babies need underwear also although they are in the form of no-sleeve shirts. Commonly, underwear for babies is made from thin and smooth fabrics to make them feel relaxed. Of course, in case your baby may feel not comfortable with the outer, you can take it off so that he or she just wears this shirt underwear. These baby’s clothes are offered more cheaply than the others. Yes, you can buy many of them at once since it is needed whether when the baby only stays at home or goes outside. This product is also provided in Birds&Bees, a store for cheap baby equipment (jual perlengkapan bayi murah).  

Birds&Bees Baby*Kids 

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