Comparison between Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV

  Hulu Live and YouTube TV are the two fastest-growing streaming services. The post tackles few areas while comparing YouTube TV and Hulu live such as the available devices, channel, DVR, simultaneous channel and price as well. If you are sharp, you will notice something left out of the list “the inner phase”. Many viewers enjoy the inner phase so much, that this would be a pre-deciding factor between the two. Few people like YouTube TV over Hulu. For someone, Hulu interface looks great but the layout could be is an irritating one. For other YouTube TV is a better choice. 

Let’s briefly compare which one is the number one streaming service out there at the present.

 1. According to a few users, YouTube TV can’t consider number one as it is not even available on amazon prime, but Hulu live free trial is available everywhere.

 2. Hulu is neither android TV platform nor a play station. YouTube TV is also not a play station as well.

 3. Hulu is missing some of the greatest channels out there such as AMC, BBC America etc. YouTube TV have just added discovery, HD TV, food network, lifetime etc. 

4. At no extra charge, Hulu live facilitates its user with 50 hr. of recording at a very affordable price. Also, you can increase the storage to 200 hr. as well.

 5. YouTube facilitates its users and commercials with unlimited storage and recording up to nine-month at no extra charge. 

6. Hulu Live is the friendliest service for a big family because this offers unlimited streams for just 10 bucks. 

7. For no extra cost, YouTube TV provides its user with three simultaneous streams better than the two users get on Hulu live base package

 8. Hulu charges its user around 45 bucks per month whereas YouTube TV charges its user with 50 bucks per month.   

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