What databases are checked by ETIAS

 There are many people all around the world, who are actually really confused about ETIAS. Today we are going to tell you in detail what exactly ETIAS is and how does it work.Well, the ETIAS is a European travel information and Authorization system that completely is an electronic system that basically allows and keeps the track of the travelers from the various countries, who does not need a visa in order to enter the Schengen zone. The European travel information and authorization system process was started in 2016 and it is believed that the system will be in its place by 2021. The ETIAS will help various people to travel and visit Europe in a very smooth manner, and without making any hustle.
The best part about the ETIAS is that a full investigation will be done for the applicants, and on those bases, they will determine whether they can be allowed to enter any Schengen zone countries or not.
If you are a citizen of a country, that is not in need of a visa for the travel purposes of up to the 90 days. Then you won’t have to go through a long process of applying for the visa as the ETIAS will definitely make sure that these people are not a security threat. There is no doubt, that the ETIAS will gather the information of the applicants, and update all the important information regarding the visitors in order to determine whether it is safe for them to enter the Schengen countries or not.
What databases will be checked by ETIAS?
When verifying and assessing the information that is submitted by the visa-exempt travelers, the system will definitely cross-check each application against:

  • The actual European information system:
    • The Schengen information system (SIS),
    • The visa information system (VIS),
    • Europol data,
    • The Eurodac database.
      • The proposed future EU information systems:
        • The entry and exit system
          • The Interpol databases:
          • The Interpol travel documents that are associated with the notices database.
          • An extremely dedicated ETIAS watchlist along with some specific risk indicators.
          • The Interpol has stolen and lost travel document database (SLTD)

In how much time will you be able to obtain ETIAS?
It is very important for you to understand that the information that you are filling on the ETIAS application form will be used for various security databases including Interpol and Europol. And the best part about the ETIAS is that its majority of the applications will definitely be approved within a few minutes though in some cases it may going to take a longer period of time.
We will recommend, that all the applicants must fill the information accurately in order to avoid all the delays or visa rejections. Because once you have filled all the information in it, the chances of editing become very less and this can definitely create a lot of trouble for you in the future.

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