What are the ESTA questions that you will be asked

While filling an ESTA application form there are various questions that you have to answer. But make sure that you are filling all the accurate information.
 Well, all the visitors have required ESTA authorization in order to travel to the United States visa free under the visa waiver program. The esta application is an online form on the US customs and border protection website.
 There will be no complications while filling up the ESTA application form as it is relatively straight forward to complete, and there is no doubt that you will definitely receive the decision immediately once you submit the form.
 There are multiple questions that will be asked during the ESTA process. It is true, that there should be full disclosure as it is very important while completing the ESTA application form.
 There is no doubt, that it is a criminal offense under us visa waiver law if you fail to answer truthfully and in an accurate manner which will definitely going to impact your future immigration applications.
 What are the basic ESTA questions?

  • You will be asked about your full name. 
  • Your gender 
  • Your date of birth 
  • Your city of birth 
  • Country of birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Your passport number
  • Your national identification number
  • The passport insurance date
  • Your passport expiry date
  • If you have been issued a passport or a national identity card for travel by any other country? And if yes, you have been issued there is a need for you to provide an issuing country, document number, document type along the expiration year.

Make sure that you are answering all the questions accurately in the ESTA application otherwise serious actions will be taken against you. And due to this your entry to the United States of America can also get banned for your whole life. In order to avoid all these inconveniences make sure you provide all the correct information.
How does the ESTA procedure work and what you should know?
 The website can be used by the visitors of the United States of America who is looking forward to submitting an instant ESTA travel authorization application online.
 Before submitting the application make sure you follow the following steps to have a smooth experience:

  • Try filling and completing your ESTA application form online, make sure to double-check your passport number and the country that is issuing the passport.
  • It is very important for you to confirm the data for each and every traveler.
  • Submit all the applications
  • Submit your payment
  • The application status will be e-mailed to you when the decision is reached by CBP.

After your data is checked your application will be progressed and you will receive your ESTA authorization through the email.
 If you want to fill the application form successfully it will take around 5 minutes to complete.
 In case your ESTA does not get approved, you can apply for the US visa directly. There is one advantage under the US visa waiver and that is, you can stay in the United States for as much time as you want as there is no time limit.

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