Guests Blogging - The Do's and Don'ts for acceptance

  The most important approach to promote your website is blogging on other popular blogs. This is termed as Guest Blogging. Search around the web and you will find every blogger will highlight this topic to market going through your brilliant blog, gain some essential back-links to improve your ranking and gain some amount of traffic rise. This topic is targeted purely how you can get the maximum edge from guest blogging. Listed below mentioned some points that you should think about when you decide to customer blog.   Things you should keep in mind:  

Select a blog where you want to post

The very first thing you must do is stay down looking at your computer and find some of the best websites of your niche. By choosing for the best and the most used guest posting blog list, you will nurture a sense of comfort that if you post on that blog, it will get promoted well and so you will get exposure to the best level.   

Guest blogging community Image Source: Pexels

Socialize with your host blogger

When you zero down on a blog, the next thing you have to do is interact socially with your host. Review on the blog content, share it in your social network and give your feedback about the blog. In this way, you will compel your host to consider your guest post blog. He will take you seriously whenever you address with an idea. Yet don't over-socialize. Don't make stupid comments; don't try to butter him up. Your host is a much experienced personality and he has experienced might be found many times. So avoid make an effort to butter him up, only be natural, be yourself and you should create an occurrence of you own.   

Create a killer article

Right now it is time for some real action. This is the only thing that will tell you whether your article will be accepted or not. You should present a post that is exclusive and related to your sponsor blog niche. Don not hurry into writing one. Stay calm and pen down the best post. Whether or not your post has recently been approved and has eliminated live, only the content of your post will decide if it will be popular or not. So try to produce the best.   

Promote your customer post

I love this part greatly. The promo thing has always fired up me. You promote your own blog post on various social networks, right? Will you then leave your guest post like that? Of course, your web host will do all the promotion in several social sites, but you may be wondering what about your social circle? Will they ever come to know with regards to your achievement? No. So reveal it with your friends.  Keep these things away of your thoughts:  

This a much popular blog, why would it accept my post?

Never ever think similar to this when you are selecting a blog. As mentioned earlier, create a post that will compel your host blog to recognize it. Remember one thing, the owner of the most popular websites are looking for some unique, content as a guest post. What's your blog's position? How old is your blog? Blah, blah, blah.... They don't consider such idiotic points and none should you. There can be some bloggers taking the above points into consideration, but if you have acknowledged them with a wonderful post, then your post will overshadow the above factors plus your post will go live.

  If you feel that you get will away with such tactics, then we should say you aren't supposed to be a blog owner. This is certainly a thing that many inexperienced bloggers think when they guest post on other blogs. In which world are you living? Your host blog is a much popular blog, right? And so will be to the writer of this article. Thus to take care of his acceptance and reputation he will keep a track on loads of other blogs' activities. So, don't ever think you will get away with a copied post. He has much experience in all such products, and he will let you know if really copied or not by just reading your post.  

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