Tips to Create Great Video Animation

  With the emergence of software and hardware, audiences have started demanding for superior media. All of these have given way to shrunken deadline and budget. Now, animators are racing against the time. Though it is true that various animation concepts will never transform, there are some golden rules by Disney that always work. Counting on the best animation tips, they offer rapid adjustments, and guaranteed success to animations. Read along to discover everything:  

Animate Brief Shots at an Instance

It is wise to build a clear posing among the phrases while keeping the transitions smooth. In reality, animation follows specific phrases and beats, where each serves specific purpose. For instance, in a scene, a clerk helps a customer. You can add a phrase where he waives as a customer enters into the shop. The next phrase might portray him placing his hands in the pocket as he listens to the customer. You can treat specific phrases as individual shots. Moreover, you may decrease the timeline to show only phrase on which you are working on. You can start with a beginning, middle, and end parts with an idea for animation.  

Be Careful at Time of Animation Contact

You should avoid including the whole body when a contact occurs. In many scenes, especially the fast ones, the point of contact should be captured on 24fps. Interestingly, you should bias the movements at the time of contact such as flattening the arcs. If a character picks up a glass of water, the arm should be the stronger force. You can animate the hand moving towards the glass. Moreover, you can overshoot the point of contact while keeping the character on decent arcs. Then, you can correct the position of glass, constraining glass, and making up for the point of contact that was missed between the frames. The leading Custom Video Animation companies utilize this technique.   

Playblast Is Only a Waste of Money

When animating, you should not freak out. Obviously, there is no alternate to watching your animation at real-time pace, and thus you should watch your animation in this way to be the most productive. In reality, a lot of time is wasted in waiting for the playblasts and previews to render. You can reclaim the productive time through creating a button or layer for hiding different things in a scene apart from the character. You can tap on the Play to watch the animations.  

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