Most Used Methods for Getting Quality Backlinks

 Links control the web, and backlink is one of the most important factors in SEO. With the advancement of Google, SEO started to gain more traction, and Backlinks became a significant aspect of SEO success. And how one can get links from different sources? There are many ways to get links but we will only discuss the most useful and popular ones.  

Article Marketing

For a long time, marketing with articles has been among the finest & most effective methods for getting quality Backlinks to your site. But only do article marketing on relevant websites. For example, if you are a SEO company, you should post content on articles directory site which is merely concentrating on the SEO niche market.  It is vital to make effective use of anchor text when trying to promote your website through blog posting. Your link can be valueless unless you have right anchor keywords.  It's also advisable to be sure to submit your blog writings to reputable and quality websites that are of high authority in search engines. To ensure the quality Backlinks, make use of guest blog post service for the best result.  Additionally it is important to use the do-follow article directory sites.   

Profile links in social Media

That is one great and under-utilized method you may use to get quality Backlinks to your site. There are many social networking sites and social bookmarking sites having higher pr. This will flow to your website. You may get a great number of quality Backlinks by using social bookmark and social networking sites.  It is vital never to underestimate the energy of the links, but to make effective use of them.   

Press Release

Another smart way to get quality Backlinks to your site is to apply press release websites. If properly done, you can get a lot of quality Backlinks from press release sites because they're supplying content to numerous smaller sites which can certainly get found by news sites. This implies more exposure and much more quality Backlinks for you.  When looking to get the best from your PR, you should ensure you have a newsworthy and attractive heading. This can make more people get attracted to your release.    

Link Exchange

It is quite old fashioned in link building but still works on its way. When looking to get quality Backlinks through hyperlink exchanges, it is vital to truly have a different website where you'll be putting other's link to avoid Google’s penalization.  

Guest Blogging

Guest posting or guest blogging is always the best way to get links form high quality and authority websites. Unlike the article marketing or directory posting, the Backlinks built through guest post blog are high in quality and authority. Because most blogs where your post your article by guest post submitting, are highly trusted by Google, they don't publish duplicated and irrelevant contents. The blogs with high page rank implies greater engagement to your article. And your post can be on the home page for some time.  Writing a great article stimulates more people link to it eventually increasing the authority. And your site definitely gets the benefits as the page authority is higher.   

Document Writing Sites

Another way to get quality inbound links is by submitting content and eBooks to document sharing websites.  You will be able to do this by compiling your content as .pdf documents and uploading those to document showing websites linking your website. Also, almost all of these websites are do-follow.  In the end, all links form different web blog are not equal. Building high quality Backlinks can lead to better SEO results, which in turn means more traffic.  

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