Guide to Buying Wicker Outdoor Furniture

There is a lot to put into consideration when buying outdoor furniture and wicker is loved because it produces all weather furniture. That said, there are different types of furniture and it’s usually good to know what to look for so as to make a wise purchase decision. One of the things you may have noticed is the wide gaps in pricing when it comes to wicker outdoor furniture. This usually boils down to many things and these include material, style, frame and the construction.  

Image Source: Pexels

 When it comes to the material, there are two choices with wicker and these are natural materials and synthetics. Though the word wicker refers to various grasses, vines and plants woven into furniture, there are synthetic materials used as well. The natural or organic wicker materials you can find are bamboo, rattan, willow and reed. With synthetics, you have PVC and polyethylene. 

Though many will prefer organic materials especially rattan and bamboo with their wicker furniture, synthetics are also quite popular especially polyethylene made. This is because it’s more durable and less environmentally toxic. When it comes to frame selection, you ideally need to find a frame that is long lasting and weather proof as well. Aluminium is the most popular frame and because it’s light and rust free. However, you will also find cheaper wicker outdoor furniture made using steel and these tend to bend and eventually wear out faster.

 Wicker strands determine the appearance of your outdoor furniture and usually synthetic materials tend to be overly polished hence producing really bad glare. If you must buy synthetic wicker furniture, ensure that you go for un-textured strands. Finally, we have style and there is no shortage of fantastic wicker outdoor furniture Melbourne. The design you go for will ultimately depend on your taste but be sure to go for designs that are comfortable and not just aesthetically pleasing.

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