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Love this game..I love the game but it takes to long to get additional spins. My pet seems to be asleep all the time, and sp the balloons pop up while you are in the middle of a spin. Please give more spins frequently. I do love the game though! 

 One of best games . Kind people who always wanted to help. New frends and more then that keep going coin master 

 No, I think for birthday you should be awarded not distorted 

 More gold card pls.. i enjoy the game.. need to fill all the sets.. with missing gold card.. i bought everytime but i cant get it.. 

 Love this game. More spins and new cards. Keep getting the same ones over and over again. 

 Yes birthday attack would be great... especially since mines tomorrow! 

 Love the free spins , but not happy when spent over billion on chests and not one new card 

 Love this game..Like this game lots. We started playing together as a family so it's fun to watch each other progress and yell at each other when we attack. Wish there was a faster way to get spins though. One hour is a long wait for only 5 spins. We will continue to play for a while I'm sure though. It is definitely addictive. 

Yes I love playing the game but hate when don’t have any options but to buy spins. 

 We need more gold cards!!!! I need 15gold cards to complete 15sets!! 

 The video watching to get one spin is not worth to watch thinking to quit and go back to play bingo 

 Put some older good cards in the mix.I can't get the mighty lion no matter what i buy. 

please just fix your game, it has a lot of problems, and you could improve it..and seriously giving us 5 spins?? seriously????????? 

 Love this game..I lost alot of respect for this game today, forcing you to buy spins in the pinata party event & then not giving spins or any reward like they usually do at 11 with Viking Quest on too. They did this on purpose to force you to buy it. 

Love this game..I love playing this game. It’s a huge stress reliever for me when I’m having a bed day, it also passes time when things are rough. I have gotten so many people addicted to this game it’s NO joke!
What i don’t like is when I help someone with cards and they attack my village so bad that I have to start over 😢
Buuuut by far this is my favorite game and one of the best games ever! Thank you coin master!!! 

 I have nine card sets that I need one on each... never get the ones I need... just keeps starting new sets...

 Yes this game is fun , exciting and very competitive, it really keeps you going and builds in prizes and contests that keep you involved and I
Interested, it helps fill time and actually makes you want to keep playing coinmaster, can't say enough good stuff about it, just thanks and keep the good times rolling! 

 Love this game..Ok I generally don't complain because its just a game but now that I didn't get my Viking card when I completed a quest it got to me. I can deal with that. It just kicked me out of the game entirely when I hit 3 Vikings and that is enough to finally make me want to delete this game. I wake up and my morning routine is get ready for work and set down with my coffee and play. I will miss playing but if its not going to be resolved, and I can't prove what happened, I will no longer be apart of the coin master family. 

 Haha If only you could attack more than one item in a village!! But actually no shame Birthday should remain special and stress free  Rather give the Birthday person extra spins or coins!* 

this game is addicting but it's not free I spend a lot of money on it and I'm kind of disappointed I'm on level 117 and I still haven't got card for the earlier levels the higher you get the harder it is of course with any game I've gone to the Facebook and it says freebies but ivy at the got anything free and I've spent a lot of money on this game I'm kind of disappointed 

 Absolutely addicted to this game! Play every chance I get! I've got all my friends to play but now the lil vulchers attack my village and steal my money lol 

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