Foundation Stones Of An Essay

 So let`s check some Foundation Stones of essay structure: 

1. Quote.

For each topic, try to pick quotes. Only they should be justified and accompanied by examples. To be able to reasonably refute or agree with the author of the statement.

2. The Problem And Its Relevance.

Cliche:This problem is relevant in the conditions ...

  • globalization of public relations;
  • the formation of a single information, educational, economic space;
  • aggravation of global problems of our time;
  • the special contradictory nature of scientific discoveries and inventions;
  • the development of international integration;
  • a modern market economy;
  • strict differentiation of society;
  • development and overcoming the global economic crisis;
  •  dialogue of cultures;
  • the open social structure of modern society;
  •  the formation of the rule of law;
  •  overcoming a spiritual, moral crisis;
  •  the need to maintain their own identity, traditional spiritual values. 

Remember! You need to return to the topic periodically so as not to get carried away by off-topic reasoning. This is considered a mistake.

3. The Meaning Of The Statement.

Every essay begins from introduction. It`s very important to make essay introduction in which you should to  set the main topic by hook sentence. I recommend to read WriteAnyPapers article about essay hooks for a better understanding. Remember! Do not repeat the verbatim statement. In your own words formulate the main idea. To do this, use the cliche:"The meaning of this statement is that ..."
"The author draws our attention to the fact that ..."
"The author is convinced that ..."

4. Own Point Of View.

Determining one’s position consists in agreeing or disagreeing with the author in whole or in part. Or argue with the author and express their point of view.Use cliche:“I agree with the author that ...”
"One cannot disagree with the author of this statement about ..."
"The author was right in asserting that ..."
“In my opinion, the author quite clearly reflected in his statement the picture of modern Russia (modern society ... the situation prevailing in society ... one of the problems of our time)”
"I allow myself to disagree with the opinion of the author that ..."
“In part, I adhere to the author’s point of view about ... but I can’t agree with ...”
“Have you ever thought about the fact that ...?”

5. Theoretical Argumentation.

It is necessary to use knowledge in social science: terms, concepts, opinions of scientists, areas of scientific thought. Remember! No need to overload the essay with terminology. You need to be sure of their correct understanding and appropriate use. Prepare examples in advance.

6. Examples From Social Practice, History And Literature.Empirical Level:

Using examples from social practice, history, literature.
Using your own experience from life.
Remember! When using examples from history or personal experience, pay attention to their credibility. Prepare examples in advance.

7. Conclusion.

The conclusion summarizes the argument - 1-2 sentences.Use cliche:"Thus, we can conclude ..."
"To summarize, I would like to note that ..." 

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