Prominent UI Design Tools For React Native Mobile Apps

  React Native is a relatively recent framework that has been based on the creation of apps using JavaScript. Developed by Facebook, it is meant to follow the same design concept as React and allows you to create UI components that are highly simplistic. 

 The difference you will feel while working on React Native app development is that it is not a hybrid app or a sole mobile app instead it is more than that. You are allowed to develop and build a mobile app from components and UI elements that you can even reuse further in the future for other apps.

  However, before you proceed to use React Native, you would need to depend on some design tools. Here are some of the prominent design tools that can be used for React Native development.   


 Sketch is a design tool made for Mac OS but it is based on vector graphic art. It is the utmost choice of designers for designing the UI or the screen for apps. The use of Sketch began from websites and icons but now it has shifted towards mobile apps. You do not have to be an experienced designer to use this tool as it also works for novice and beginner level professionals. Individuals and businesses alike across the world are relying on this tool to create UI prototypes for their React Native apps.   

  Adobe XD 

 With a monthly plan for $9.99, Adobe XD is also a great find for UI/UX prototype designing. If you have an app concept, you just have to transform it into a UI prototype using Adobe XD. The application of this design tool is not solely for mobile apps as you can also create wireframes for desktop websites. You can say it is an in-built tool that does as you say and transforms your ideas accordingly. It contains both interactive and static UI layouts that you can change and adjust to befit the concept you have in mind.


 InVision is currently at the top of collaboration and community-based design platforms. What makes its use so favorable is the feature of adding files and animations from your library. Static layouts containing images can be changed into interactive screens using inVision. This notion has simplified the application of React Native, as it is no longer a hurdle for sharing and creating design concepts or screens. It even has in-built design layouts and screens that can be adjusted to befit your ideas as you please.   


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