3 Of the Benefits for Digital Marketing and Geolocation.

Benefits for digital marketing and geolocation. 

Geolocation is the ability to obtain the actual geographic location of an object such as a radar, a mobile phone or an Internet-connected computer, but what does all this have to do with digital marketing?

As brands have discovered the power of augmented reality and geolocation, they are finding new ways to reach customers. For them it is very important to know where the consumer is and also where their attention is concentrated.

Now then every advertiser has an understanding of where their consumers are located. Much of this heyday of geolocation is due to great successes such as Pokemon Go! As it seems that the location through the mobile phone is here to stay, here we present three of the benefits you get when using geolocation for digital marketing strategies.

1. Augmented reality events for digital marketing.

As already mentioned, augmented reality is the technology behind Pokemon Go!, a game that also depends on geo-location to manipulate physical reality. Using the same technology, an advertiser could create virtual experiences through audiovisual production around a product brand. Something that is being seen a lot at this time are the applications that provide limited offers to the space in which you are.

2. Digital marketing and geolocation for retail stores.

The physical retailers are competing against the electronic commerce, luckily for them, the geolocation can rain them to integrate to the digital world and thus to double their sales. This means that it is expected that a future not too distant, until the corner store is locatable and has promotions through our cell phones.

3. Geo-localization and digital marketing, a great help for analytics and interaction in events.

Anyone with experience in event marketing is likely to tell us what getting people to attend is more difficult than it seems. It is expected very soon to see several companies using geolocation to make offers to nearby users through audio and video content and monitor their input and interaction at events. 

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