Benefits Of Using A Power Washer Extension Wand

A safe way to clean areas that are difficult to reach and high without having to leave the floor easily wash the roofs, walls, windows, and other surfaces of your house on the second floor,you can clean the gutters of your home even when you are on the floor eliminates the need to use heavy stairs.

Factors to consider: 

Weight. The weight of the stick is an important consideration because it helps you reach areas that you normally cannot wash with ordinary sticks. The last thing you want is to hold something heavy above your head and move it.

Easy spray and expansion settings. You also want to learn more about these factors. Most electric rods, including telescopes, are easy to use. You can install them quickly and adjust them with one turn to the right or left.

Consider the type of material. Choose stainless steel or aluminum bars if you are constantly using detergent or have a cooler.

Besides, the push rod extension extends as soon as the pressure is turned on. It will bend again when you turn it off. Therefore, make sure you are at least three meters from each resource each time. Because of this pressure, you need a 3/8 inch hose when connecting your telescopic extension to your pressure washer.

It's also tiring to keep the pole high in the air. Because of this, it is recommended to have a strap that will help you improve balance and stability due to weight loss. This allows you to manage longer and more efficiently.

This Telescopic Spray Wand widens your range and gives you more freedom when you use your pressure washer. Which is why many trailer owners, homeowners and truck drivers choose it! Get comfort, power and precision  with this easy to use, easy to carry spray wand! 

 How To Use:

  1. Connect the number of wand sections needed until the desired length is reached.
  1. Attach any fitting at the nozzle end of the telescopic wand. Examples of fittings include the spray nozzles included in the package or a gutter cleaner.
  1. Attach the ⅜ quick connector into the M22 male copper adapter.
  1. Attach the M22 Male copper adapter to your pressure washer hose.
  1. Wear the harness over your clothes and secure the spray wand with the harness belts in the harness.
  1. Once the harness has been secured, turn on your pressure washer.
  1. Aim telescopic nozzle at surface you want to clean, move back and forth until desired results are achieved.

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