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Frequently Asked Questions On Tooth Whitening

What Is Tooth Lightening?

Tooth lightening is a process that "bleaches" the teeth, eliminating it of spots on the enamel as well as dentin to impact a lightening of any kind of discoloration existing. An usual tooth whitening procedure makes use of carbamide peroxide put over a customized mouth-guard worn over the teeth.

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What Is Tooth Discoloration?

Specifying tooth staining depends upon its several reasons and also it is essential to compare an exterior and inner discolor.

• exterior spots: tobacco, tea, coffee and juices like grape and also apple, coffee, tea and also cigarette

• interior spots: extreme fluoride (during teeth formation), aging, trauma, nerve deneration, tetracycline (while teeth are developing).

Just expert lightening procedures such as the custom tray whitening could remove both interior and also external stains. Over the counter tooth whitening products like toothpastes only eliminate the external discolorations.

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Who Can Go Through Tooth Whitening?

Anyone could benefit from a tooth whitening treatment. A particular procedure though might be much less reliable for some people. Patients whose teeth are discolored by tetracycline might experience difficulty in achieving the preferred brightness. Individuals with veneers, crowns or fillings could also experience uneven brightness due to the fact that these oral components do not lightened in addition to the remainder of the teeth.

Can A Pregnant or Nursing Lady Bleach Her Teeth?

It is recommended as well as dental practitioners agree that an expecting lady as well as nursing mommy ought to avoid any kind of teeth lightening procedure. The reason for this exists's no clinical studies done yet to discover the effects of the whitening agents to a lady's health and wellness if she's pregnant or nursing.

Whys Exist Pearly whites That Do Not Whiten Evenly With The Rest?

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The sides of your teeth and also the biting edges bleach faster than the rest. This is so as a result of the thicker enamel in these areas. Teeth with thicker enamel respond faster to the lightening representative compared to teeth with thinner enamel. Continue with your lightening treatment and the whiteness will level ultimately.

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

One of the most favored tooth whitening treatment is the custom-fit tray bleaching that utilizes carbamide peroxide. This procedure, when done under the guidance of a dental medical care professional or a dental professional, is safe. There's no danger of the whitening representative harming your teeth and periodontals. It also does not harm the enamel or create any kind of tooth weakening. The only short-term side-effect is tooth level of sensitivity which goes away promptly when the procedure is quit.

If your have any more questions that worry you however are not gone over in this write-up, consult your dental expert. The even more you find out about tooth lightening, the a lot more certain you will be of any kind of treatment you will choose.

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