5 Healthy Lawn Maintenance Tips!

 A lush green and maintained lawn is every homeowner’s wish for which he works for more to accomplish that. It is obvious that an effective landscape needs care and potential to work on it. The question that probably confuses more is regarding the steps that are essential for a magnificent landscape.  Don’t worry! Below are the tips that would definitely make your lawn healthy and impressive enough to make your feel enchanting.


It is essential for your lawn. Focusing on this thing is really important. How? Let’s have a look on. An Irrigation system should be given a priority. Different regions have different climatic conditions but the irrigation systems in better everywhere and for every lawn.  Different climatic conditions require different irrigation requirement for which the consultancy from the professional is an appropriate option. You should have to plan initially about the time you have to give your lawn.

Regular Mowing

Regular mowing is recommended for your lawn to make the grass height remain on certain limit. Regular mowing is always better than the often mowing to make it impressive and gorgeous. But, this also depends on the months (from summer to winter). From March to October, weekly mowing is more convenient and in winter, the occasional mowing is enough to make your lawn lush.  Although, the grass limit or height depends on the plants in your landscape and lawn.


Now, it’s another important element that provides nourishment to the garden or lawn. The lawn should be fertilized more than twice annually. Twice is better too, but requires the consultancy from SeaScapes Landscaping and Maintenance.  Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen are the main elements that any lawn requires to promote its growth and color. The type of fertilizers requires the inspection of the lawn to know the nutrition deficient in it. After that, the suitable fertilizer is applied.


The layer buildup in your shoots, stems, and roots is known as thatch. This is unwanted material lies between the grass-blade and roots. This is a natural part whose excessive growth is inconvenient for your lawn.  The excess thatch is more harmful to your lawn as it is a cause of over watering, over mowing, over nitrogen spraying, and heavy clay soil. With due fact, it is of more interest. When should you detach? Spring is the best season for its growth and hence the convenient time for detaching.

Professional Hiring 

Professional guidance is essential to make your lawn more enchanting. In this way, you would get the lawn you require. A healthy lawn actually requires healthy work on it. If you are keen to invest on your lawn, then these are the areas you should work rather to other areas which are useless.  In spite of this, it is even better to hire a professional to let this work done initially by the professional. In this way, you would recognize easily how you would have to work after it.

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