Badminton court: Measurements & Rule

Badminton court is in rectangular shape and length and width depends on the single and double play of the sports. For singles, court length has to be 13.44m and width 5.18m. If we convert this dimension in the feet then the length is 44ft and the width is 17ft of Badminton court. For doubles, width has to be 6.1 m. The doubles court is wider than the singles court, but it has a shorter serve length dimension. Net divided the badminton court into two sections equally. Net is 1.55 meters high in two corners and 1.524 meters high in the center. A badminton court is divided into several parts like baseline, centerline, service box, soluble sideline, single sideline, alley, double long service line, etc. Measurement:

We will talk about the badminton court’s dimension, length, width below in detail. If you are looking for top badminton rackets in India then you can check here.

badminton courts


The most outer line is used for the doubles and the inner line is used in a singles match. Singles cover the whole court except the outer line. The overall dimension of the badminton court is 44 feet in length and 20 feet as in width. The short service line is 6 feet 6 inches. The posts must be 1.55 meters in height from the service.

In district sport, the ceiling height is above 09 m. The minimum ceiling height for a badminton court is ideally between 8-9 m. The net line marks the center of the court. Badminton net is 5 feet taller in the middle of the court. The net should be tie tightly and there is no slack.


There are some basic rules for badminton sport. The aim of badminton is to hit shuttle and passes over the net, ad if the shuttle lands to the opponents half court so you score a point. Whenever a team competing in any tournament they should follow these given rules. Some rules are also a humanity rules like Player should wait for the opponent until he/she is ready to receive the service, the player cannot interfere with the opponent’s racquet, the player cannot touch/grab the net with himself or with the racquet, etc. The distance between the short service line and the net should be 1.98m and the distance between the baseline and centerline has to be 3.88 m.

Game start with tossing a coin, the player who won the toss he/she has the advantage to choose the court and first serve. The server and receiver must inside the service boxes till then the server, serve the shuttle. After that, they can move anywhere from the court. The player can not touch the net with his body and with a racket. The player should not reach over the net to hit the shuttlecock. A server must serve to diagonally. During the service, the shuttlecock must be hit from below the waist. If the player is outside of the boundary of the court so this must be a fowl. If shuttlecock hit the ceiling it is count as a fault.

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