Snapchat for PC

Snapchat is an application dedicated to sharing photos and videos for mobiles and tablets, now available on PC. The application allows you to share photos that will only be viewed by recipients for a few seconds after which they will be deleted. Thanks to the Bluestacks emulator, it will be possible to install Snapchat on PC. Bluestacks can emulate Android applications to run them on Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7.

From this file you can also download this emulator for free. You must then launch the emulator, search for Snapchat in the list of available applications and install it to use it. You can chat instantly, snap photos, video, embellish them with captions and share them with a friend. When your friend has seen the snap it will then be erased unless it has made a screenshot of it. It will also be possible to add a snap to your history to share your best moments with your friends.

But to benefit from better discussions, you and the recipient must be present. You will also be notified when your friends are connected to the chat to share files with them live. This application has impressive graphics and flawless image quality.

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