How to secure your WordPress site?

For most webmasters, security is not the top priority. It is often after an intrusion that you realize how important it is to secure your site. A website is never safe from hacking, it happens much faster than you think.

We won't teach you anything by reminding you that WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. For this reason, it is a particularly important target of hackers and other spammers. According to WP White Security, 70% of WordPress sites are vulnerable and hundreds of thousands of sites are hacked each year. Some of the common malware are Wp-Vcd malware, WordPress redirect hack, and much more. And not just big sites. In this article, we give you the best practices to know to secure your WordPress site, before presenting the main WordPress plugins designed to easily manage the security of your site.

How hackers can compromise the security of your WordPress site

To understand what we are talking about, it is important to know, to start with, how hackers generally do to hack a WordPress site. This allows you to get a clear idea of ​​the points of vulnerability to watch for. There are of course countless ways to hack a WordPress site. It is however possible to group them all into 4 main categories. In a December 2014 article, WP White Security gave the following statistics:

  • 41% of WordPress sites were hacked because of a security breach in the hosting platform.
  • 29% were hacked due to a security problem with the WordPress theme used.
  • 22% were hacked because of a security problem with the plugins used.
  • 8% of WordPress sites were hacked because of a weak password.

Best practices for securing your WordPress site

Hackers don't attack all WordPress sites. They only target vulnerable WordPress sites, those that are easy to hack. If your WordPress site is properly secured, no hacker will have fun spending days and days to find the tiny security hole that would give him access to your server. Just apply the best practices explained below to block 99.9% of attacks. Prevention is better than cure! Book a WordPress security audit now, to check how secure is your website.

Choose safe accommodation

41% of WordPress site hacks are due to a security breach at the hosting platform. To secure your WordPress site, you must start by choosing a safe hosting, which is to say a quality hosting platform. Compare the different hosts and choose one that emphasizes security. You must opt ​​for a host which:

  • It is compatible with WordPress sites.
  • Includes a firewall optimized for WordPress.
  • Supports the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.
  • Has an intrusive file detection tool and a malware scanner.
  • Has staff trained in securing WordPress sites?

If you opt for shared hosting, check that the host has an account isolation system. This helps prevent one of the accounts from overloading the server and damaging your own site.

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