How the Future Will Be Different from the Present

 The present-day life is much different from the one that people lived five years ago. This implies that the future will not be the same as today’s lifestyle. There are various things that create the difference in life including education, family relationships and society in general. Notably, in the future education will be more technological than the current one. Moreover, the future family will not resemble today’s especially due to change in interest and education system.

I’ll try to analyze how the future will differ from the current world.

The future education system will be totally different from today’s education system. Nowadays, most teachers and university lecturers teach their students in the classrooms and ask them to take notes. However, the future will be different since students will take online classes in the comfort of their own homes using computers. This implies that students will not have to go to the class to attend the lesson. This is evident since there are many learning institutions all over the world that are already adapting this system. Moreover, the other huge difference between the future and the present is the time students take to complete school. Currently, students spend more time in school since they cover the syllabuses manually, which is tiresome. However, in the future students will complete their education at an earlier age since it will be technological and they will cover the syllabuses faster.

Family relationships will change in the future. The family relationship today is strong since members are close to each other. In contrast, future family relationships will be complicated. With a change in the education system, more people will move to foreign countries in search of education and other essential things. This will affect the relationships of many families since the members will not have strong ties with each other. Moreover, the future economic times will be hard and all the family members will spend more time working. This will result in numerous family breakups in comparison to the ones experienced today.

The general society will not resemble the present one in the future. Today, society is more conservative regarding issues like nudity and same-sex marriage. The people’s view on these issues will change since the technology has a great influence on society. Society in the future will accept nudity and even same-sex marriage.

In conclusion, the future and present will have huge differences. The difference between the two periods lies in the education system, family relations, and society in general. Currently, most lecturers teach their students from the classroom setting. However, the future will be different since students will be taking online distance courses. Family relations will dramatically change. In the future family, breakups will increase since people will have less time to spend with their family members.

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