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From the beginning of 2003, Alpina Cars built a large number of BMW 5 series cars with their own 3-series name. A large number of these BMW 3 series cars are sold under Alpina brand as well, and this is also done by other manufacturers.

Alpina Cars are also active in the field of road racing and motorbike racing. Alpina Cars are well known for their involvement in the world of road racing. From the 1970s, Alpina Cars have participated in various international road racing series. In 1988 Alpina Cars won the World Rally Championship.

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In recent years Alpina has been producing engines for various European-market automobiles. The engine is supplied to the BMW and Audi companies, with Alpina-supplied engines used in the BMW 3 series and 3 Series and Audi A4, all of which use turbochargers. As of the early 2000s the new engine is a modified version of the 3.0-liter V8 that is used in the Alpina B6 and C6 models. It is also in the Porsche Cayenne and all Volkswagen TDI models, but is not used on the Volkswagen Tiguan. The current engine is the 4.

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