Realizing life is meaningful

I have thought about the values of the journey we have set to finish or is yet to finish not knowing our due date or even the expired one but unless you have realized that our shelf life is so short to be preoccupied with the mediocrity and the L’s of this inevitable trip. Creating new year resolutions is a good start it’s promising but we need to really be the change and not think about the change ‘oh I want to’ are regular words we use in our everyday life. I have disappointed me so many times countless occasions and what I have realized disappointment is not the failure it’s the rebound that will determine your faith failure or progress.

On the 14th of January 2017 I realized that your life is a meaningless journey until you have:

  • Accepted your past
  • Retrieved your happiness
  • Reinstalled your morals
  • Projected your views
  • Inspired the aspired less
  • Proven you are guilty of loving your enemies
  • Admitted your thirsty for the love of others

However, living a life that is godless, fearless and praise less is a life worth quits so what I have really realized is god is to be involved in our everything even though some may not believe in this ultimate deity and may project scientific support but who else could have done this? created us with contradictory chemical elements, formulated the equations of our lives so complex yet so simple. The best thing is that he gave us a choice so we have the balls in our courts. Are you yet to decide or have you decided what definitions can be recited when your name appears? Live a meaningful life don’t let it be a promise by saying I will or I going to the best thing is to start today.

Embark on, now accept that you have failed or won in the past and project your ideas for the future. Say yes to now.

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