If you have ever heard the word ‘man boobs’ you have probably heard it in the derogatory sense. The reason being excess breast tissue is considered to be an unattractive and unmanly feature. Nevertheless, the development of excess breast tissue in men is a reasonably common occurrence. Referred to as gynecomastia, in many cases the challenge resolves itself with time. However, for other men this additional soft tissue gives them a condition that makes them feel embarrassed, self-conscious and even ashamed. A lot of men with gynecomastia end up refusing to be seen without a shirt, with some even deciding on certain styles of clothes in order that they can downplay the curves on their chest. If you are planning to under-go a plastic surgery then visit us at ALCS clinic as we offer best cosmetic surgeon in Jaipur.  Fortunately, if you are experiencing surplus breast tissue you don’t need to live with the consequences forever. A growing number of men are deciding on cosmetic surgery to eliminate the undesirable fat and help them achieve the smoother, toned and masculine chest that they deserve.    CAUSES OF GYNECOMASTIA While breast tissue development is a standard process in women, a man’s chest is meant to stay fairly flat. Unfortunately, a tiny number of men experience unprecedented tissue growth in this area of their body, creating a curvier silhouette that is not all that dissimilar to that of a set of small, female breasts.  Exactly what causes gynecomastia may differ between patients. Oftentimes, it occurs therefore of fluctuations in hormone levels. This may happen both during puberty and in the final years whenever a man’s natural production of testosterone slows. Men may also be afflicted by estrogen, a typically female hormone that causes weight gain and in addition stimulates the growth of breast tissue. Since weight gain is a common issue when we get older, it really is little surprise that ageing men will experience gynecomastia.  Unwanted effects from medication are another well-reported reason males might suffer from excess breast tissue. A few of the medications that contain breast tissue growth listed as a potential side effect including those used to take care of high blood circulation pressure, stomach ulcers and even heartburn. When you are suffering from gynecomastia and believe that your medication is to blame, you could talk with our doctor to discover if there are alternative drugs available that do not have this side effect. In some instances, it may well not be possible to take an alternative solution and if that is a problem for you personally, our doctor may advise that you consider gynecomastia surgery as a viable treatment option.    WHAT DOES GYNECOMASTIA SURGERY INVOLVE? Gynecomastia surgery is rather simple and straightforward procedure and involves temporarily detaching the nipple and areola from the chest in order that the underlying fat can be removed. That is done using liposuction, an activity that sees saline injected in to the breast tissue to help break it up, before attaching an extended, thin metal cannular to vacuum pressure so that the surplus fat can be sucked out. The cannula is worked backwards and forwards under the skin to split up and suck out each of the body fat cells, leaving you with a smoother, tighter chest that looks more masculine and more appealing.  Gynecomastia surgery can be performed by using a general anesthetic or a blend of regular treatment and sedation.    RISKS CONNECTED WITH GYNECOMASTIA SURGERY? As with all cosmetic surgeries, there is some degree of risk connected with gynecomastia treatment. Common gynecomastia surgery risks include:    - Reactions to the material used in the surgery, such as for example glues and dressings  - Reaction to anesthesia  - Blood clots  - Excessive bleeding  - Changes in sensation in the nipples and/or breasts  - Deep vein thrombosis  - Infection  - Scarring  - Poor healing of the wounds  There is also a amount of risk that you may not be thrilled with the results of your surgery. Some men may be left with a chest that's asymmetrical in proportions or unusual in shape, triggering them to feel just as dissatisfied with the look of them as they were before undergoing gynecomastia surgery.  Fortunately, when you research your facts and choose a skilled and accredited cosmetic surgeon, you can feel reassured that your gynecomastia procedure will be performed together with your safety in mind. This will reduce the natural risks linked to the surgery and ensure that you receive the very best care possible as you undergo your treatment. Visit us for details !  

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